Saturday, May 12, 2012

Authors and Their Pets day 7 with RM Sotera and her cat

Please welcome RM Sotera and her Cat Dracula!

Dracula – AKA- Bad Ass Cat

It is only fitting that my cat is named Dracula.  I did not name him Dracula.  Last year, when we purchased him from a cat sanctuary here in Vegas, he was already given the namesake.  And it fits him to a tee!

Little did the newest addition to my family realize that his mom had long adored everything vampire.  I’d read every book about vamps that I could get my hands on, and even write my own stories filled with these drop dead gorgeous creatures of the night.

So, we brought Dracula home with us. And oh…the fun began!  May I add that I’ve never had a cat as a pet before.

Dracula. His black fur always looks as slick as an oil spill and the white patches skillfully drawn on his paws, neck, face and underbelly a perfect piece of his tuxedo style.  There is always a touch of mystery surrounding him.  Many times he shows up in nooks and crannies around the house…and basically scares the crap out of me. LOL

Dracula.  We’d decided his name was perfect for him so we didn’t change it.  As soon as he’d entered our home he became the purveyor of all.  Each day since the day we brought him home he wakes us (mostly me) at 3:00 am by shoving everything off the dressers in the master bedroom.  If we don’t get our butts out of the bed (again, me), he starts to do laps back and forth down the hallway.  And when that doesn’t work he starts flinging the doorstops.  Then I get up – since my time to rise is 4 am – and feed the little man.  By the time I hit the button on the coffee machine and make it back down the hallway to the master bedroom, he’s already sprawled out sleeping on my side of the bed.  And I just laugh.  Damn if that cat doesn’t know how to rule the roost.

Dracula.  Curiosity fit for a master!  A master vampire that is.  Yes, this cat is a night owl.  A Casanova of the feline kind.  Sometimes, when twilight is near, the neighbor cat, a beautiful tiger stripped female, occasionally plops in front of the sliding glass door on the back patio of our home and meows at Dracula.  He just lays in front of the door, all sprawled out on his back, staring at her as she meows and continues to whine like a little baby.  Finally, after what feels like way to long, she stops her bellowing and the two cats stare at each other.  Must be Dracula’s powers of hypnosis – he’s mesmerizing the fair kitty.  Then she runs home, probably relishing in kitty dreams of the cat in the window.

What a kitty man.  He is truly a creature of the night.  Undeniably his name fits his personality.

Check out his pictures.  Enjoy.

RM Sotera - Romance writer, wife, mom to a teenage boy and one bad-ass cat named Dracula.


  1. cute^^, our cat also wake my mother around 3am so she can go with him next to his bowl ( already full) then he wait a scratch before starting eating...he could eat alone but no capricious^^

  2. Thanks for the reply, Miki. Cats are a strange breed. :)

  3. Dracula looks a lot like my cat Mr. Whiskers. He has been known to open cabinet doors just a little and then let them slam close again to get people up in the middle of the night. He does this when he wants to go out (we live in the country and he hates litter boxes).

  4. Thanks for sharing, June!

    :) RM

  5. aww, such a perfect examples of the pet choosing the owner, instead of the other way round :)

    I had a cat when I was a teen who did the 3am knocking crap off my nightstand routine too. Boy did he have me trained. I'd get up and feed him and let him out before dragging myself up to bed to sleep a few precious hours before school.


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