Sunday, May 20, 2012

Review F814 by Eve Langlais

Title: F814 (Cyborgs More Than Machines #2)
Author: Eve Langlais
 Source: Own a copy/Author request
Genre: Sci/Fi Erotic Romance
Length: Short novel

I dreamt I was once human. I lived a nightmare as a robot. 
But love taught me I was more than a machine. 

 She thought herself a robot, defective and unique among her kind, until he taught her how to live again.

F814 exists to serve the humans until they decide to terminate her. An instinct for survival makes her fight, but when she achieves freedom, she discovers she cannot throw off the chains of habit. Everything changes when another flesh covered droid arrives, a cyborg he calls himself, who teaches her she is more than a machine.

Solus hates humanity, and even though he was born as a flawed human, he strives to eradicate all traces of it from his persona—until he meets F814. Meeting and touching her releases something in him. Has him yearning for things he doesn’t understand. Makes him long for…affection.

Before he can learn to love though, he must first tackle the task of reminding F814 that she is more than the sum of her mechanical parts. But of course, when dealing with an illogical thing like emotions, there is no sure plan for success. 

Psssst.... I have a secret....... I LOVE Eve Langlais!
Okay, so not a huge secret. :)  I'm pretty sure I've pointed out that little tidbit a few times.  I just can't help it. Her books make me laugh hysterically, make me cry (I don't usually do tears), and last, but certainly not least, they are hot!  Everything I ever wanted in erotic romance is a sure thing when it comes to Ms. Langlais.

 F814 hit the mark.

The book synopsis is pretty spot on so, I don't feel the need to spoil any of the goodies for you.  Just know that you're in for one heck of an emotional ride with this one.  F814's life hasn't been too great *understatement*   And until Solus meets F814 he's an emotionless automaton bent on nothing than revenge.  Together they learn what it means to feel and embrace their human sides.  F814 was wonderful :)


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