Saturday, June 9, 2012

Villain week: Villian # 3 Pestale author Claudy Conn + giveaway + giveaway

Please welcome Villain #3 Pestale with author Claudy Conn! I am sorry this one is a few days late it was totally my fault. Sorry again Claudy!! 

Hi, my name is Claudy Conn, and the hunk (don’t let his looks fool you) is the most powerful and evil of the four Dark Princes. His name is Pestale.

I did not want to do this interview because he has no conscience, no empathy, and not a shred of sincerity, but he requested the interview and said it was important for his message to get out, so here goes!

Me: Why are you here?

Pestale: To warn you, writer, so that you may inform your kind.

Me: Inform them? Of what?

Pestale: That I mean to lead them to a better way of life under my rule.

Me: How do you mean to do this?

Pestale: (smirking) Just know that I shall. I am the Dark Prince, created by the most powerful of all Seelie Fae…

Me: (I interrupt him), Are you saying that although you are a Dark Fae, the Dark King was originally Seelie?

Pestale: He IS Seelie, I am not, but I shall show him that I am better than he thought.

Me: Why do you care?

Pestale: (He shrugs), I do not care. (Smirking again). I mean to open a portal and release my brothers and Queen Morrigu so that they may rule at my side…and on my other side, my beauty, my own beauty, Princess Royce will curl at my feet. He sneers at me and adds, “You know nothing…”

Me: I know she doesn’t want you.

Pestale: Careful human, I can erase you with a look.

Me: But you won’t because you want to see your story in print.

Pestale: And so I shall…and I will have you all, serving me, adoring me, and I shall show him, the Dark King, what power, Dark Power really is!

Me: How? How will you do this when no other before you could?

Pestale: Ah, Time is there waiting for me to use it…

So saying, he was gone, shifting off. His story, Princess Royce’s story and Chancemont LeBlanc’s story will be available in THROUGH TIME-PURSUIT, coming in August!

You can also meet Pestale in the last of the Legend series, Free Falling-Legend and Catch & Hold-Legend.

Hope to see you there, but watch your back, he means to collect as many lovely humans as he can!

Claudy will be giving away a ebook of Shadowlove -Stalkers to one lucky commenter. Please leave your email if its not on your profile. 


  1. Sounds interesting! Carissa Clemons

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