Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Crimson Sunrise by J.A. Saare

Title: Crimson Sunrise (Crimson Trilogy: Book Two)
Author: J.A. Saare
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Reviewed by Danielle

After eradicating the obstacles between them, Emma Johnson and Caleb Blackney are ready to embrace their future together. They have a lot of decisions to make. There is the issue of Emma's Fae heritage, her choice to become a werewolf or remain human, and Caleb's refusal to partake in anything that would cause harm to his mate.

When Caleb's sister goes missing, personal issues are forced aside, and he and Emma are faced with a past threat that has come knocking at their door. As the search for Sammie reveals plans more sinister than they could have imagined, Emma and Caleb will be faced to confront their fears, confront their enemies and unite their families to stand against an evil that won't stop until vengeance is served.

In this second installment of the Crimson Trilogy, Emma has settled in with Caleb’s pack and is trying to get her life to resemble something close to normal. Unfortunately, another drama is on the horizon.

Caleb and Emma are on a romantic vacation getaway when Sammie, Caleb’s sister, disappears without a trace and the hunt is on.

This novel continues with the beautiful love story between Emma and Caleb but there are some surprises as well. Who is responsible for Sammie’s disappearance and when the truth is revealed, someone will walk away with a broken heart and Emma’s life will be changed forever.

The ending is perfect and I cannot wait for the third and final novel in the trilogy. Ms. Saare turns on the heat and it just keeps getting hotter. This is another great novel from a terrific paranormal writer.

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