Monday, August 27, 2012

A special guest post for Authors and giveaway!

Authors are you tired of trying to find the right blog to review your books? If so, then I have some one you need to meet. Her name is Chirsty, and she is the wonderful author of Book Reviewer Yellow Pages. I met Christy in  2010 and she has worked hard at getting this up and running and it is something that authors can appreciate. Just think how many blogs have you searched though to find the right one, just for your books. Well, Christy takes all that work out and gives you a book at a good price, with listings full of book reviewers. This is not only for self-published authors, this book is for all NY, Small, and Indie authors. 

Please give a warm welcome to Christy! 

The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages

In 2009, I was having trouble getting my own books reviewed. I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know how to start. I remember contacting dozens of magazines and newspapers without a single response. Nobody wanted to review my books, because they weren’t published by one of the traditional publishers. At one point, I shelled out $400 for a single Kirkus review. It was a waste of money and I felt cheated.
Not knowing where else to turn, I started tracking down online book bloggers. But it was still difficult. Some reviewers didn’t post their guidelines, and it wasn’t obvious what genres or formats they accepted.

When I was still trying to get published traditionally, I bought the Writer’s Market (for those of you who don’t know, it’s a big reference book filled with publishers, so writers can find a place to send their manuscript submissions). I kept thinking to myself: “Why hasn’t anyone written a book with a list for authors who need to get reviewed?”

Self-publishing was exploding, and I decided to start the list myself. It started out small, with just a website ( The website contained a short list of book reviewers who supported indie authors. The list was originally just online. Then I started a free monthly newsletter, and now there’s also a book. The newsletter has over 500 subscribers, and the website gets an average of 1,000 hits per day. Then, I co-wrote a book about publishing with CreateSpace, and the book sold enough copies to support all the website’s costs (ISBN-13: 978-0982266007).

Then, in 2010, I decided to expand the list of Book Reviewers, and create a book with detailed listings. The first year, the book had about 120 book reviewers, and it included all their submission guidelines and contact information. The list just grew from there. We’re now in our fourth year, and the third edition of the book was released this month on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I am a full-time writer and also a mom, so keeping the website updated constantly is a challenge, but I try to dedicate at least two days per month to the website and the newsletter. Every month, new book reviewers get added, and at least once a year, I completely overhaul the list. I contact each book reviewer personally, and double-check their guidelines. If their blog is no longer updating, the reviewer is removed.

Preparing this book is a learning experience for me. I love interacting with all the book reviewers and I’m so happy to help authors get reviewed. I know from personal experience how hard it is to get publicity, and I’m happy to help thousands of authors and small press publishers get the reviews they need to make their books a success. Whether you’re an author or a reviewer, I hope you’ll check out the website and the book. 

Christ is offering a giveaways only to authors of choice of a PDF, Epub MOBI copy of The Book Reviewers Page. Please leave a comment along with email if it's not on your profile or website.


  1. Sounds very interesting, and as an author, I can tell you I know exactly what she means about finding the right blogs. Thanks!

  2. it sounds like a pretty awesome resource for authors. Thank you for doing this.


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