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Book promo Giveaway A Lascivious Lady Author: Jillian Eaton

Title: A Lascivious Lady

Author: Jillian Eaton

Genre: Historical Romance

Length: Novella (90 pages)

Can a realist fall in love with a dreamer?

Josephine never wanted to marry Traverson. In love with a Duke, she had dreams of grandeur… until a lowly Earl stole them away from her. Unable to forgive Traverson for what he took, she has exacted her revenge in the most unforgivable of ways. 

Traverson fell in love with the bright eyed, fair haired country girl the moment he first saw her. Entranced before he even learned her name, he used everything in his power to make her his, realizing too late love is something that cannot be bought.

Brought together by a mutual acquaintance, Josephine and Traverson must finally face the feelings they have been avoiding. Can Josephine overcome her tawdry past? Or is it too late to love a man who may have finally given up on her?


           Too late Josephine realized that the decision to face down a possible robber wearing nothing more than a sheet had not been a wise one, but what other alternative did she have? Sit idly by and let her precious things be stolen? Josephine’s lips thinned as her resolve strengthened. Certainly not.
Unfortunately for her, however, it was not a thief that she came upon when, drawn by the sound of muffled yells, she reached the front parlor and peered nervously between the pocket doors.
Oh, but how she wished it was.
Hopping on one leg and clutching the other at the knee, Lord Penny was howling in pain. Yet that was not the worst of it, for sitting across the room, calmly cleaning out his pistol, was the last man in the world she had ever expected to see. He did not look up when she stumbled inside the parlor, but Lord Penny did.
“Josephine,” he gasped, his face a mask of agony. “I have been shot!”
Dazedly she looked back and forth between the two men, quite incapable of saying a word. Oh dear God in heaven, she thought, yearning to be swallowed up on the spot, for surely being cast into hell would be better than this.    
“Did you hear me?” the Viscount yelped. “That – that bloody bastard shot me! He shot me, Josie!”
No one called her Josie. No one but her husband. Her eyes flicked to Lord Penny, taking note of the blood that seeped between his fingers as he clutched his leg, then skittered across the room to the other man who had finally set his gun aside. He did not rise, merely crossed his legs at the ankle and lounged back, propping his hands behind his head as if nothing was amiss. His gray eyes studied her, traveling with detached, scientific appraisal down her body and up again before dismissing her in one easy sweep.
Josephine swallowed hard and pulled the sheet tighter around her bare shoulders. “I… I do not…” The words stuck in her throat, refusing to come out. Panicked, she began to retreat from the room with slow, measured steps.
“Do you know who he is, Josie?” Lord Penny said, effectively halting her in her tracks. “The man who shot me! Do you know him?”
Her cheeks paled. She pressed one hand to her chest, feeling the rapid beat of her heart. “Yes,” she managed to squeak, all of her carefully constructed layers of confidence stripped to the quick. “Yes I do.”
Lord Penny’s eyes bulged. “Then who is the damn cur?” he demanded.
              Josephine braced one arm against the doorframe to hold herself up. “My husband,” she said, finally meeting Traverson’s cold gaze. “He is my husband.”


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  1. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. I want to know why Josephine's husband shot Lord Penny.


  2. This sounds like quite a romp. The excerpt interested me enough to look it up. I'm looking forward to reading it.


  3. Awesome! Thanks for this giveaway. I've already read the other two in this quartet & would love to read A Lascivious Lady as well!

    ninaXreader @ gmail dot com

  4. Nice excerpt. The book sounds good.



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