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Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop August 13-19

This giveaway is for US only and you have to be 18 and over to enter because this set is romance erotica. Please fill out the raffelcopter to enter. 

So, what's up for grabs? Well, I have three trade size books listed below. The first book is new but I have read the last two, they are still in like new condition. 

Below you will find the list of participating bloggers. Good luck and have fun!! 

Be sure to Hop by every stop ~ there are not only prizes, but a chance at
the Grand Prize!! 
Bella Media Management with H.D. Thomson is co-hosting a blog hop with Caris Roane.
Grande Prize: $100 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
When: August 13th through the 19th.

The idea of shapeshifters—beings both human and animal—ignites our imaginations with visions of primal passions and insatiable hungers. Most commonly seen as dark, masculine demons, shapeshifters are in need of a metaphysical overhaul—a new feminine/Sapphic blending of physical power and inescapable desires.She Shifters re-envisions common and not-so-common myths and deliver a fresh perspective from the storytellers. Traditional lycanthropes and feline familiars appear, was well as more obscure, lesser-known mythologies from around the world to create inventive tales celebrating feminine power, lust, and erotic love. Paisley Smith’s �The Night Crow” finds two lovers, divided by centuries and a terrible sacrifice, reunited in London. In Christine d’Abo’s, �Scorched Retribution”, a human woman has come home after a ten year absence, hoping to make amends with the one person whose heart she'd broken. But the heart of a dragon isn't easily won and the woman must offer herself up for retribution or risk losing her lover forever.In Angela Caperton’s "Sweetwater Pass," the eldest daughter in a family of shape shifters heading to California in the era of the great wagon trains, meets a Native American "sister" and finds the promise of the West fulfilled. Delilah Devlin's one-of-a-kind She Shifters unleashes the wild creature inside us all!

When you look back on the best sex you ever had, oral sex will no doubt be a part of the picture. Rachel Kramer Bussel is back with more lip-smackingly superb oral sex erotica for everyone with Going Down.Taking in the essence, taste, smell, and sexy up-closeness of a lover is a powerful aphrodisiac that affects one physically, mentally, and emotionally. Once you have your lover in your mouth, the heat of desire, passion, and lust focus, tying your arousal directly to them. These fictive fellatio stories, sizzling 69ings, and talented tonguing give readers lots of new ideas to try at home. In Going Down, lovers give, receive, and explore the many ways oral sex can be an act of love, tenderness, devotion, or pure sexual joy. Just sit back and enjoy this sexy read of explicit stories to get you hot and bothered with more than a mouthful.

In Lustfully Ever After, classic fairy tales are reimagined for an adult audience with twists (and kinks) to keep readers entertained. In Michelle Augello-Page's romantically charged BDSM tale "Wolf Moon," Little Red Riding Hood is the big bad wolf, while Kristina Lloyd rewrites "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" as a scorching hot MFM threesome in "The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces." Shanna Germain's "Mirror Mirror" shows the sensual Sapphic side of Snow White's stepmother and Andrea Dale pens a contemporary version of "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" in the poignantly erotic "Steadfast."

This delightful collection of fairy tales will lead you down a magical path into forbidden romance and erotic love. You won’t need those bread crumbs to find your way home—for home is where the heart is and the authors of Lustfully Ever After know your heart’s most wicked and secret desires.

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  1. A hot hero to me knows his job and does it well but doesnt know his heart until is smacks him in the face. thanks

  2. I love my males very alpha ;)


  3. A hero is hot when he's got that tender heart on the inside (the one where it's completely obvious to everyone but him that he's in love and wants to be loved in return) but on the outside he's Alpha and strong, kind of a bad ass attitude sort-of look. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    molly at reviewsbymolly dot com

  4. I like a hero who's quietly intelligent, witty, loyal, and sensual.


  5. Holls, your comment is awesome and dead on right! "smacks him in the face" Love it! LOL

    I also like the snarky, cocky attitude. I love to laugh either at them or with them, and also those cocky remarks that make you squint your eyes and say, 'hmmmmm'....

    Thank you very much for the chance at your giveaway!

    Sebrina C

  6. I like all the same above mentioned character traits in a hero, but I'm going to add a physical one that really gets me going - tattoos :)

    msromanticreads at gmail dot com

  7. Hmm. I love your post!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I really want to read Lustfully Ever After, sounds wonderful. Thx for giveaway.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  9. Hi Love the HOP!!! I love a guy that thinks about me just as much as himself! I hate guys that think being romantic is not manly!
    Thanks for the contest!

  10. I like alphas. Nice list of books.


  11. I really enjoy reading anthologies & finding out which authors I want to read more of - these books offer a great selection & variety.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  12. Hi, Laurie!
    I'm traveling the hop just for fun and to say hi!


  13. My ideal hero is someone that is more dominate! I like a guy that knows how to take charge! I love Cabal from Lora Leigh’s series Breeds.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  14. My ideal hero- an alpha with a heart of gold. A sexy, gravelly laugh, eyes that melt you into a pool of need. Goes after what he wants, Hard working, passionate, protects those close to him. Takes charge, intelligent, has a sexy accent..
    Thanks for being part of the blog hop!

  15. Thank you so much for the giveaways. Anthologies (like blog hops) are a great way to find new authors to read.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  16. Thanks for the chance to win :) A hero to me is a Take Charge Alpha!!! raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  17. My hero is someone that is very masculine but still romantic. My favorite hero is Nathan (KGI series)! I loved that he never gave up on his love! Great contest! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    carol.byles at yahoo dot com

  18. A hot hero is strong in mind and body, that has strength as well as compassion..


  19. Very interested in Lustfully Ever After.
    bituin76 AT hotmail DOT com

  20. My hero is dominant, but has a soft side he isn't afraid to show.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  21. I like alpha males who aren't afraid to cry.


  22. A hero is someone that knows what to do when it gets tough! I like when they are somewhat protective and gorgeous…of course!
    Lucan rom Kiss of Midnight is my absolute favorite hero… and a vampire to boot! SO SEXY!
    Thanks so much!!

  23. thanks for the contest, i would say my hero would be someone like butch from BDB lol i just him hehe so yea that would be what my hero would be like like him

  24. Thanks for joining the hop. I love tall, strong, kind men.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  25. well ilove both book and then i love to say the hero around here are fire fighter they have to break there neck and be out in the heat

    desi the blonde at msn d ot com

  26. Great post. I'm going to have to check these 3 books out.
    molly dot frenzel at gmail dot com

  27. I really go for the guy that has just a little too much testosterone LOL but has the lady that he allows to kick his ass back inline! Great contest! Thanks!

  28. ooooh exciting books! Thanks for the giveaway!
    - lavendersbluegreen(at)yahoo(dot)com

  29. I like my heroes Alpha, protective, amusing, damaged and redeemable!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  30. These books look great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Sexy, strong, loyal and fearless! Ian from Killer Secrets by Lora Leigh emobodies this. He fought for what he wanted and would not give up! Ian is one of the best hero’s that I’ve ever read. He had flaws but used them for good. His courage was inspiring.

    Love the conest. THANKS!


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