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Guest romance author Kellysten

Please welcome romnace author Kallysten

“You know, I could make it really good for you,” Nicholas whispered, his lips brushing the back of Andrew’s ear. “You wouldn’t have to do a thing, I’d take care of you.”
With a quick laugh, Andrew bucked, and promptly reversed their positions so that he was lying on top of Nicholas, pinning his hands down above his head.

“Not the way it works,” Andrew said in a low, rumbling voice. His eyes were glowing with molten gold. “I’m the one who takes care of you, remember?”

Nicholas arched his hips up so that his cock pressed against Andrew’s, both of them as hard and needy. Nicholas lowered his eyelids, affecting a coyness that was a mere echo from a long-gone time, and tilted his neck to one side to present his throat to Andrew.

“I remember, yes,” he said very quietly. “Sire.”

Flashing a smile at Nicholas, Andrew dipped his head to the crook of his neck. Blunt teeth raked over scars that were close to a century old. Nicholas’ eyes fluttered shut and he let out a shaky sigh. Nothing more than this—Andrew’s body against his, Andrew’s teeth in his neck—and every inch of Nicholas was already thrumming with need.

“Stay still,” Andrew said. “Be a good boy for me.”

His eyes still shut, Nicholas smiled. He could be good, when he wanted. It was usually more fun to play games and annoy Andrew—up to a point—but being good was nice, too, every now and then.
Andrew’s hands ran down Nicholas’ arms as he sat up, kneeling over Nicholas’ thighs. At once, Nicholas felt bereft of that familiar and comfortable weight pressing him down—anchoring him. He shifted a little, and Andrew clucked his tongue in reply.

“I said be still, Childe. Or else we’ll take this upstairs and I’ll have to tie you to the bed.”

Nicholas’ smile widened into a grin. “Is that supposed to be a threat?”

“I don’t know. Would it be a threat if I said I’d leave you tied up all day and wouldn’t let you come?”

A shudder rocked Nicholas’ body. To be left in that state was certainly not his idea of fun, but at the same time there was something to be said about being so completely at Andrew’s mercy. Andrew had to notice Nicholas wasn’t exactly scared, because he chuckled, pressing his lips and the sound to the hollow of Nicholas’ throat.

“All right, let’s change the rules,” he said, punctuating the words with a gentle bite that didn’t break the skin over Nicholas’ collarbone. “Be good now and we’ll play that game another time. All right?”

His teeth raked down Nicholas’ chest, leaving a trail of sensations in their wake. Every hair on his body stood at attention, and so did his cock.

“I’ll try,” Nicholas said, letting out a shaky breath.

“I’m sure you will.”


Continued in Demons and Lullabies by Kallysten

Blurb for Demons and Lullabies:

Some little boys want to be firemen or astronauts when they grow up. From the moment Jacob understood what his fathers did, he  never wanted to do anything but fight demons.

Andrew, Jacob’s father and a vampire, fights demons because it’s a necessity: few others have the strength or skill to kill the strange creatures that started appearing the very night his son was born. He carries with him some guilt, too, and the suspicion that the magic that made Jacob’s very life possible also opened the way for the demons. The last thing he wants is for his son to ever join this fight and get hurt.

As the years pass, however, and Andrew watches Jacob grow up and grow more determined, he slowly has to accept there’s little he can do to deter his son. It doesn’t help that Nicholas, Jacob’s other dad and Andrew’s Childe, starts giving Jacob sword-fighting lessons under the cover of playing, or that Jacob discovers his mother’s diaries and comes to the same conclusion Andrew did concerning his origins and the demons’.

Through snapshots covering Jacob’s life from birth to adulthood, watch all three members of this unusual family change, grow up, and find their place in the world.

Available as paperback and ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other sites. Find all buy links on the author's website.

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  3. I love this site!! I wish I wrote paranormal just so I could be a guest here!! So much fun to read and be part of!!

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  4. Tough spot for a father to be in. Interesting plot.


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