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Review: Blurred Bloodlines, Paranormal Romance by Kallysten

Title: Blurred Bloodlines
Author: Kallysten
Source: Review Request 
Genre: Paranormal Romance m/m and m/f/m
Length: 255 pages 
Reviewed by: Emi

Months after closing the breach in the City, Kate’s squad is in a new town, battling demons yet again. Blake and his Sire Marc have accompanied the soldiers and continue to help them, although Blake, these days, is just as busy fighting demons as he is scheming.

He sleeps with both Kate and Marc separately, and figures that, since they are attracted to each other, they should sleep together too.

Before his ultimate goal of sharing his bed with both of them can be achieved, however, the unthinkable happens: while fighting demons, Blake stumbles through a breach and becomes trapped in another dimension.

Grieving over his loss, his lovers fall apart and go their separate ways. Will finding Blake again  a damaged Blake, half-human and half-vampire, incapable of speech and scared of both of them help them grow closer once more, or will it end their relationship for good?

Overall Rating:

Sexual Rating:

 Another excellant book! Second installment in the Blurred Trilogy. Before Blake reaches his ultimate goal of making his relationship with Kate a threesome with Marc, he is captured and taken to the Demon realm. Marc, unable to blood connect with Blake, and Kate not being able to find him either, they both stray apart. But once Blake returns from his capture, mentally and physically hurt, they do what needs to be done for the person they love. This book isnt't as action packed as the first, but it is a wonderful story nontheless and quite the emotional roller coaster.  It's a story of loyalty and doing everything in your power to help a loved one.

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  1. This was my favorite of the trilogy. I LOVED the emotions in it. I cried over and over again LOL.


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