Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review; The Charmed by Christine Wenrick

Title: The Charmed
Author: Christine Wenrick
Source: Review Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 276 pages
Reviewed by: Emi

In The Charmed—Book One of The Charmed Trilogy—Olivia Ann Greyson sees only one future for herself—to compose and perform the music she has loved since she was a child. But that future changes in an instant when a commuter train taking her to the city crashes and is attacked by, unbelievably, a coven of vampires! As the rabid creatures feed their thirst on the surviving passengers, Olivia is spared from an unthinkable fate because of the intervention of another vampire—Caleb Wolfe, a figure from her past who, for reasons he doesn’t understand himself, would do anything to protect her.
After one familiar touch, Olivia recognizes the man behind the vampire. Soon love, and a powerful supernatural connection, begins to grow between them. But with that connection Olivia starts to notice starling changes happening within herself, and violent events make it clear that the vampire coven which wanted her the night of the train crash won’t stop until they have her.
Time is running out for Olivia and Caleb to discover why all this is happening. And the answers they find may painfully tear their new love apart.

Let me start by saying I really liked and enjoyed this book. It was actually a love/hate thing. For the love part, I really like the storyline, the action, how the main characters meet(the second time around), the sexual tension, and eventually the sex, almost everything. For the hate part however, ok so hate is strong word so more like annoyed, but the phrase "shades of gray" appears a few times in the story and some other similarities to Anna's characther. Maybe it's just for me personally because I didn't like 50 Shades, but those similarities and to be honest a few similarities to Twilight, annoyed me a bit as I was reading the book. I couldn't help but think of those books when reading The Charmed, when those similarities popped up. The story was great, and I did finish it quickly picking it up every chance I could, and I look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy. I would highly reccomend this book. It's a great start for the trilogy. 


  1. The premise sounds interesting and your review makes me want to know more if you can answer a couple of things I am curious about. Could you expand on your comments related to Twilight (which I am neither a fan nor a hater) and 50 Shades (which I consider poor writing at best). Does it have a writing style that is adult or does it pander to YA as many do these days unfortunately. Last thing, does the ending leave you wanting more (which is good) or a big cliffhanger (which I hate) ? When you have a TBR list that threatens to suffocate you (like mine) I try to spend my reading time on books I like to read :)

  2. Sounds like it might be a book I'd like. Thanks for the review, I'll look into a bit more before deciding whether to get it or not.

  3. I really enjoyed this book! I did see hints of Twilight - since it was a vampire romance - but the adult theme and complex characters made it a much more mature and interesting read. I disagree with the Shades of Gray comparison, though the scene on the piano was HOT!

  4. I am just starting this book. Your review helped me make this decision and I can't wait to get into it!


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