Monday, September 10, 2012

Review : Soul's Shadow By Andrea M. Johnson

Title : Soul's Shadow
Author: Andrea M Johnson
Published Date: July 13, 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: ebook
Publisher :Musa Publishing
Review By: Cerridwen

Excerpt from

The Massachusetts Bay Authority train conductor braced for impact as the train was ripped from its overhead power wires and toppled onto its side, skidding into oncoming traffic. The last thing he saw were the people who had been crossing the track as they left tonight’s concert, for some reason oblivious that the double car train was heading towards them at forty miles an hour. The last thing he heard were the screams of his passengers as they were tossed around the metal cylinder when it left the tracks. The explosions that resulted as it wiped out cars like a bowling ball crashing into the pins lit up the Boston night sky.

Emergency personnel worked diligently to rescue those trapped in their automobiles, or caught underneath and in the train cars. Twisted bodies were scattered everywhere as passer byes tried to flag down EMTs and load the wounded into ambulances. Medical helicopters, unable to land in the congested area, carried injured by stretchers attached to dangling cables. It looked like a war zone. Reporters encircled the area, their fingers to their ear pieces awaiting their cues. “Yes, Bob. I’m here outside the DCU Center where a Brittany Spears concert let out earlier this evening. What investigators have determined at this time was that equipment designed to alert pedestrians of an oncoming train were not functioning at the time of the crash, though there are still many unanswered questions. It is estimated that the train was carrying somewhere around one hundred passengers, mostly seriously injured. Surrounding hospitals have all been placed on alert to the incoming volume.” Sparks flew in the background of the shot as crews sawed through the crushed car. Body after body was being extracted from the mangled wreckage. “Ms. Spears has released a statement. I quote. My heart is breaking for the families of the victims. What happened here tonight is nothing less than tragic.”

Unnoticed, a dark figure listened from the shadows, the only recognition of his presence the smoldering glow of his cigarette as he took a drag. He took a deep breath, taking in all of the subtleties in the air like a chef admiring a well-devised meal. But there was one scent that stood out like spoiled milk. The stranger dropped his cigarette and crushed it out with the toe of his shoe. He smiled. Tonight would turn out more promising than he imagined. He pulled out of his pocket his cell phone and dialed. Once connected, he began, “Fine job tonight my boy, but I have yet another task for you. There are Powers here. See to it they become casualties of this most unfortunate event.” He hung up. “And so act two begins,” he whispered only loud enough for him to hear.

This was a WONDERFUL mix of everything I like in a book. Action, mystery, romance, and paranormal. Johnson created an intricate story with a ending that twists!
I love that she incorporated a profession that deals with life and death every day into this story. It made it seem more "realistic". It gave the story it's own twist and it was used in a creative way.
Definite must read, but I warn you,  pay attention!  There are alot of characters to get to know. You can't drift while reading it or you may miss something!

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