Sunday, October 28, 2012

ARC Review Morningside by Ashley Madau

Title: Morningside
Author: Ashley Madau
Publisher: Cambridge Press, US
Length: 242 pages
Reviewed by: Twigs

MorningsideIt’s easy to get caught up with bad-ass vampires, a killer love triangle, broken engagements, assumed clones, and enough sexual tension to drive anyone crazy.

Does society really know what it means to be a vampire? What it feels like? Tastes like? The struggles of going through life in a state of unacceptance, and using every fiber of your being to change?

MORNINGSIDE shows vampires in a new light. Humanity believes them to be one thing, without any deviation-- the perfection of a human hunter. One woman is able to prove them wrong. Trapped between both the mortal and immortal realms, she becomes the line between humans and vampires, and both the differences and similarities they share. When her life is put at stake, the worlds begin to collide.

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From the start Morningside confused me. It made me feel like I missed out on something. Throughout the whole book you never get to learn the main characters name. Intentional? I'm thinking so. With that being said, I liked the plot of the story. The author has a wonderful way of describing things that will put the story right in your minds eye.

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