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Characterfest interview #27 with Keegan by Rosalie Lario

Please welcome Keegan and Rosalie Lario 

Book 1 of the Demons of Infernum

Hi everyone. I wanted to thank Laurie for allowing me to be a part of this year’s Characterfest! Today I’m going to be talking to Keegan, the hero in BLOOD OF THE DEMON. This is the first book in my Demons of Infernum series, which follows four half brothers who share the same demon father. They work as interdimensional bounty hunters for the Elden Council, which governs travel between dimensions. Even though they catch baddies for a living, and are therefore the good guys, they’ve got a little bad in them too. But then I suppose you’d need to in order to hunt down law-breaking demons and other paranorms! Without further ado, here’s Keegan:

Rosalie: So Keegan, what’s it like being an interdimensional bounty hunter?

Keegan: Well, I get to kick people’s asses for a living, so yeah, it’s good.

Rosalie: But it’s a pretty dangerous occupation, don’t you think?

Keegan: Where I come from, which is a dimension called Infernum, simply being alive is a risky proposition. There aren’t a lot of jobs, technology is non-existent, and food is scarce. Everyone’s dying to escape my world, so working for the Council and getting to travel to other planets is a dream come true.

Rosalie: So how’d you and your brothers score such a cushy gig?

Keegan: Our father is a demon who used to work for the Council as a scientist.

Rosalie: Oh, so he got you all your jobs?

Keegan: Hell no. Our father is as evil and abusive as they come. He puts the “A” in “A-hole”. When me and my brothers escaped him, the Council allowed us to join up with them. Offered us protection. And when they discovered the evil schemes he’s up to, we were more than eager to sign up for the job of tracking him down.

Rosalie: So wait, let me get this straight. You and your brothers are actually hunting your own father?

Keegan: With great pleasure.

Rosalie: Oh...uh, wow. So, moving do you come to meet Brynn Meyers in BLOOD OF THE DEMON?

Keegan: Once the Council discovered that my father had come to Earth with plans to get his hands on a spellbook called the Book of the Dead, they sent us here to find him first. And to keep an eye on Brynn, the heir to the creator of the spellbook. She’s the only one with the ability to read the spell written in the book.

Rosalie: What’s so scary about this spellbook that your father wants to get a hold of it?

Keegan: It contains a spell to raise an army of flesh-eating zombies. If he gets his hands on the book, he’ll have control of an unstoppable army. It wouldn’t take long for them to eat their way through your entire world.

Rosalie: Whoa, so you’re saying this book basically has the ability to start the apocalypse here on Earth?

Keegan: Yup. So now you see why the Council wants to stop him so badly, right?

Rosalie: Uh yeah, I’d say! So you’re supposed to stop him by any means necessary?

Keegan: Unfortunately, yes.

Rosalie: Why do you say unfortunately?

Keegan: Because...if we can’t stop our father from finding the book, we may very well be forced to kill the heir.

Rosalie: But... I was sort of under the impression that know, liked Brynn.

Keegan: She’s definitely not what I expected her to be.

Rosalie: Huh, well I sense a potential problem there.

Keegan: *snorts* You’re smarter than you look.

Rosalie: Um, okay. Thanks, I guess.

Well, I’d like to thank Keegan for agreeing to be interviewed. Quite the charmer, isn’t he?
The Demons of Infernum is a broad world containing a multitude of paranormal creatures: from demons to angels, vampires, werewolves, fae, and sirens. I’d love to know what type of paranormal characters you most enjoy reading about?
I’ll be giving away a signed paperback copy of BLOOD OF THE DEMON to one commenter (U.S. and Canada only; International readers will receive a digital copy).

BLOOD OF THE DEMON, Book 1 of the Demons of Infernum series, is available now!

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Rosalie’s Bio:
Formally trained as a corporate and real estate lawyer, Rosalie practiced law for 5 years before finally admitting to herself that negotiating contracts wasn’t nearly as fun as dreaming up stories. As an avid reader of romances and supernatural stories, she knew she wanted to write urban fantasy and paranormal romance.  Tales of vampires, demons, and other supernatural beings ensued. She’s currently hard at work on the Demons of Infernum, a series of paranormal romance novels featuring four sexy half-demon brothers and their reluctant heroines. When not writing, Rosalie enjoys spending time with her husband and son in their home state of Florida.


  1. That was fun. I love character interviews and Keegan is a trip. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Victoria! Keegan is always tons of fun to write about. :-)

  3. Thanks for the great character interview. I enjoy reading about all paranormal creatures. I find them all fascinating.

  4. Nice interview.


  5. I like reading about werewolves.


  6. I enjoy shapeshifters the most.

  7. Joanne, BN100, and Sara, thanks for stopping by! I can't pick just one fave paranormal character. I love them all, which is why my world is so broad!


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