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Characterfest interview #31 with Cael by Aimee Laine

Everyone please welcome Cael and Aimee! 


Face the past or look to the future? Both will hurt. One could kill her.

All her life, Lily Crane has suppressed her childhood memories, masking the signs of abuse with a variety of looks. From brunette to blonde, tall to short — as a Mimic, changing shape is her gift. Her right. Her achilles heel.

It’s Lily’s latest likeness, chosen simply by accident, which threatens to repeat a history she’s desperate to forget. Worse, she must do so without the one man who takes all her pain away: Cael Aldridge.

Cael has no intention of leaving Lily on her own. He never has. Now, with the woman he loves in the hands of a predator who wants Lily for her genetics, Cael will do everything he can to bring her home.


He can only pray he isn’t too late.


And here is the character interview!

One day back in September, author J.A. Belfield sat down with my leading man, Cael Aldridge, the main character in Surrender, book two of the Mimics of Rune series by me ... Aimee Laine! Here is what Cael shared with Ms. Belfield!
“So, Cael … how you doing?”
“I’m alright.”
“Tell me: is this you I’m looking at now?”
“Is this the real me?” He looks off the side with a smirk on his lips. Back to me, he says, “If you could look like this, would you be your real self?”
“Touché! Though in all fairness, I’d rather not look like a dude. However hot.” I cough. “Moving swiftly on: I think it’s safe to say looks aren’t the deciding factor for you when it comes to the opposite sex.” I smile. “Does that mean then, if Lily had never entered the picture, I’d be in with a shot?” I stare innocently. “With a bloke like yourself?”
He sits back and stretches one muscular arm across the back of the chair next to him. “Sorry, but no. Lily has always been the one for me.”
“Yeah, Lily. What can you tell me about the bird that caught the worm?”
The smile that creases his lips probably tells more than anything he could utter. “Let’s just say that Lily is beautiful inside and out no matter what she thinks of herself. She’s kind, incredibly caring, an amazing chef, loves me and … loves me.”
Yeah, that smile really does give away his feelings. Ladies are gonna be swooning everywhere. I sigh. “So how about we go back to my initial question, give the readers a clue as to why I’d even ask that at all?” I lean in closer, wiggle my eyebrows. “Willing to divulge?”
“You want to know if I’m me?” He chuckles. “I’m always me, whether I’m mimicking some short geeky scientist, a high powered CEO or a housewife from New Jersey.” A huffed laugh escapes. “Yeah those are fun, and yes, I did say housewife. I have to give most of you women credit for what you go through with all the war paint on your faces and having to pee sitting down.”
“Finally! Recognition for the trials of being a woman.” I laugh. “You’ll defo have to tell me some time about your gender switch antics, for sure,” I say, giving him a wink. “So, being a mimic pretty much means you can look like whoever you want. Yes?”
He nods. “Yup. It does.”
“Doesn’t it ever get confusing when you all keep switching up your appearances? I mean, there’s how many of you all living together? All of you with the ability to constantly look different?”
Cael’s lips quirk up. “We know how to recognize each other, but to the outsider, yes, it could get really confusing. Charley, for example, used to love to screw with James and me. She was the best at truly mimicking someone because of her photographic memory. Lily, on the other hand …” he sighs “… she has tells that most anyone can decipher. Even you.” He bobs his head in my direction.
“Oh, yeah?” I sit forward as intrigue kicks in. “Such as? Do you all have tells? How about you? Care to share yours?”
“I’m tell-less.” With a wink, he adds, “Lily though, she can’t hold her form well and so who she is often starts to bleed through who she’s trying to be. It’s never been a real problem though because we don’t keep her on the front line of projects. She’s always behind the scenes.”
“Must have been hard then, when she went and stuck herself on the forefront of the latest project. For you and for her.”
He turns toward the side, happiness evaporating from his expression. With his head dipped down, he says, “That’s not really something I want to remember.”
“Then I’m, er … sorry I brought it up?” I clear my throat, coz, damn, I just wanna cuddle this dude; he looks so sad. “How about you wrap up by sharing a memory that you hold tight to instead?”
The twinkle in his eye reappears as does the grin. “There’s never a better memory that sitting at the bar in our kitchen with Lily at the helm. She makes the best blueberry pancakes. Totally from scratch. Everything we’ve ever been through is worth a slap on the back of my hand as I try to pilfer blueberries from her mix. She’s the most ‘at home’ then, and everything she does is a hundred percent her. No pretense. No faking. Nothing but Lily. That’s what I love … when she’s just being her.”
I heave a huge sigh. Complete with goofy smile. I think I may just be in love.

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