Thursday, October 4, 2012

Characterfest interview #4 with Miakoda by Tina Carreiro

Please welcome Miakoda and Tina Carreiro

Today we have Miakoda Starr, the heroine from Tina Carreiro’s new release, Power of the Moon.

So, I guess I should open by asking what I should call you. I know you have name issues.

Mia: MY-A is fine. Thanks, for asking.

 How difficult is it to connect with the dead?

Mia: It’s not something I’m use to yet. I guess it’s more difficult because I don’t want to connect with the dead, so I shut down and block everything out.  

 Who is your closest friend?

 Mia: Cynthia. Although, she’s a little mad at me right now.  I have to buy her something Coach and beg for forgiveness. *rolls eyes* This Coach obsession of hers is out of hand. Beyond the purses, she has Coach shoes, iphone case, lipstick case, and wristlet. You name it she’s got it. I think she needs an intervention.

  You knew this question was coming so I’ll just ask it now, what’s up with Cole?

Mia: Well, it’s complicated.

Yeah… I didn’t ask for your Facebook status, I want to know what’s going on with Cole.

Mia: We’re getting there. *grins*

What’s your greatest talent?

Mia: *smirks* I think that’s yet to be seen.

What is your favorite activity?

Mia: Riding the elevator with Cole. *drops eyes and blushes*

Yes, I think we’d all like to ride the elevator with Cole.

Mia: Watch it, or I’ll make your aura twitch.


Mia: With a vengeance.

Who do you love?

 Mia: Cole, of course. *smiles*

Who makes you mad?

Mia: Cole, of course. I think he does it on purpose though. Oh, and mean people. I’ve been picked on all my life and I’ll never understand the need to be mean.

 What’s your favorite snack?

Mia: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

 Favorite Color

 Mia: It use to be midnight blue, but since I met Cole, it’s amber. When he gets excited his eyes change to this beautiful color. It’s like someone is holding a light behind a precious brown stone. And then the look he gives me, wow it’s just---

*clears throat*

Mia: Oh, sorry. He has that affect on me.

Favorite Movie

Mia: Dracula, with Bela Lugosi.

Oh, yeah, that’s right… You have a Siamese cat named after Bela Lugosi.

Mia: Yes, and he has one eye. He’s adorable.

Any final words to those who have read about you?

Mia: Yes. You know, I have some hang-ups and, you don’t even know the half of my issues, yet. ;) Not everyone has smooth edges, some of us have rough ones.  I wanted to thank all the people that stuck with me until the end. You felt my fear, my tears, and my love for Cole.

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