Monday, October 1, 2012

Review Dark Nights by Christine Feehan

Title:Review Dark Nights 
Author: Christine Feehan
Source: Edelweiss
Length: Novel Mass Paperback 
Reviewed by Laurie
Book #7 in Dark Series
Previously in After Twilight & Dark Dreamers

She’s known him since she was fifteen. Every night, he is with her: his face, his voice. Tonight, Sara Marten will meet the man who is both angel and demon, salvation and temptation: Falcon—the Carpathian, the banished hero. Tonight, Sara will meet the dark-eyed destroyer destined to be her mate..

Book #11 in Dark Series
Previously in The Only One

In this version of Dark Descent there is an additional hundred pages. I rewrote it from the original version as I felt it was too short. I do not plan on doing this for the other re-prints, but I hope you enjoy the newest version of Dark Descent.

In a cave of mystery and wonder deep in the Carpathian Mountains, bodyguard Joie Sanders encounters a most remarkable being. Proud, strong, immortal, he is called Traian—an ageless hunter, locked in a life and death battle with enemy vampires—and he will be her salvation in a labyrinth protected by the ingenious traps of a mysterious ancient race. What awaits them in the darkness is not known, and each step could be their last—as their destined path leads them toward a fiery passion that will illuminate the perilous dark night.

It has been a long time since I read this series. I stopped at book five because the stories were too repetitious for my taste. I actually got stuck with this book, but the funny thing is I really enjoyed it. As I was reading I remember one thing about this series that I really enjoyed, it’s the way the author writes her fictional characters. They take what they want and will stop at nothing to get it. Most writers write their paranormal creatures way to fluffy now days and I don’t enjoy that very much. After reading this one I am very well considering picking up this series again.

Dark Nights contains two re-writes from two previous stories. Like I said above I haven’t read this series in forever, but I picked up on the storyline very quick and really enjoyed all the characters in both stories. I found the stories hot and full of action.

If you’re a lover of this series you’ll very much enjoy this addition because you get to know more about the characters from the previous books and who doesn’t want more. I know I always do. LOL. If you just by happen to pick this up you should be fine just reading it, just remember this is part of a series so you’ll find more beef in the previous books these characters were featured in. 

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  1. This is my favorite series going right now. Although I've read both of those books, I'll probably get this because of the additional 100 pages. Thanks for the great review.


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