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Accidental Genie - Least Favorite of the Accidental Series #7

The Accidental Genie (An Accidental Series)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


She’s all bottled up.

Jeannie Carlyle is a caterer extraordinaire, more than ready to handle any challenge thrown at her. But when her client asks her to open up a rare bottle of gin for a party, Jeannie is shocked when a guy in poofy pants pops out and she gets sucked inside. Trapped in the bottle, Jeannie does the only thing she can think of and uses her cell phone to search the term “paranormal” and finds the number for OOPS—Out in the Open Paranormal Support.

Until he sets her free.

Werewolf Sloan Flaherty isn’t keen on dealing with distraught women, especially since his sister-in-law Marty basically forced him to man the OOPS phones. But when Jeannie calls in a panic, Sloan is the only one available to find Jeannie’s bottle. After giving it a good rub, Jeannie emerges dressed like a character from Arabian Nights and starts calling Sloan “Master.” Now, they need to figure out how to break their unwanted bond, before the wishes Jeannie can’t stop granting get them into more trouble than even the OOPS girls can handle…

I have to say it is the least favorite of the series and it was plain bad for like the first 1/3 of the book. It picked up finally around 50% and ended well but my overall impression was that this book is forgettable.

The first 3 were the best books of this series with no doubt. I have read this series since book #1 came out and have enjoyed them all but the first 3 books were so much better and the next few were decent and enjoyable but this one was almost unbearable for about the first 1/3 of the book and the plot device that was so poor (a problem with a very obvious solution) that I could not even believe she expected readers to buy into it, it was more like the 3 Stooges .

The romance took so long to get moving that by the time it got going I was already bored. I finished the book and that was saying something since it had long left me behind. All this book managed to do was possibly create another character for inclusion in future books but you could probably skip this book in the series and miss VERY little that could not be replaced with about 2 pages of info.

Bottom Line: This installment was phoned it until about the 50% mark and then it became close to an actual installment in the series. Die hard fans of this series (which I thought I was) are the only ones that are going to actually enjoy this whole book, the rest of us had to be dragged through it. Not horrible but average at best.

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  1. While I still hope to enjoy this series in the future, this one did not live up to the others in the series.

  2. I've never heard of this series before. I'm shocked that it was not better based off of the synopsis. Thanks for being honest with your review.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  3. While I always feel that price should not be a consideration in a books review or rating and I have enjoyed all the other books in this series even though they tend to cost about twice as much. this time I did not get my moneys worth.

  4. Gotta agree with you here Doug. I just finished this one today and was super excited when I started it only to be disappointed by the end. Although, the epilogue was fun. I love Nina so seeing her get an even better HEA was great :)
    And you're right, for 9.99 a pop I'm half tempted to tell people to skip the series all together.

  5. Yes that bit of epilogue did bother me a bit since it almost sounded like she might be about to finish the series off, which would be bittersweet to me since I have enjoyed it so much but it does not look like it is getting better.

  6. She's covered werewolves, vampires, demons, and genies. I'm not sure what she has left to write about. LOL. Angels maybe? Angel books creep me out a bit, though. So, I really hope she doesn't go there :/

  7. She did vampires twice (both good books) but I am like you, whats left? The humor was largely forced in this one, maybe she needs a break to get another really good idea, this one had potential but fell flat IMHO.


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