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Warm up your winter blog tour with Caris Roane

Please welcome paranormal romance author Caris Roane! 

Hi, everyone!  I want to thank BITTEN BY PARANORMAL ROMANCE for having me today as part of my WARM UP YOUR WINTER BLOG TOUR.  I created the tour with the hope that you might get to know my work, specifically my Guardians of Ascension, who are my most beloved winged vampire warriors.  I know the covers have wings on them, but the books aren’t about angels AT ALL…just vampires…with wings.  I also have goodies for you to win, details to follow!

My current release is GATES OF RAPTURE, the sixth installment of Guardians of Ascension and features Warrior Leto, a famous, ancient Warrior of the Blood, six-six, long straight black hair, piercing blue eyes, and built to battle death vampires for centuries and drive the ladies crazy!  Romantic Times Magazine gave GATES OF RAPTURE a 4 ½ Star, TOP PICK review!  I couldn’t be happier! 

I’ll be sharing an excerpt today from GATES OF RAPTURE that will give you a powerful introduction to Leto, the warrior vampire who’s been going through hell and really needs his woman to come back home!  Just for you here today at BBPR, I took the excerpt from chapter one, all about Leto when he transforms from man to his beast state, something new to the series.  He’s in his basement, with no way out, the safest place for him when he transforms.  His thoughts are focused on his woman, Grace, and on his despair at becoming something he despises.

Excerpt from Chapter One of GATES OF RAPTURE:

When the shaking built so that Leto felt like every joint in his body would come apart, he let go of any hope that he could stop the process.  In the hopelessness, however, came a kind of release and he gave himself over to the change. 
            The shakes diminished as he pushed himself to his feet.  He stripped off his clothes.  They would be no good to him anyway in the next few minutes.  They wouldn’t fit.  He’d learned that much, to get rid of his clothes before the change ripped them to shreds.
He bent over slightly and felt the inordinate swelling of his shoulders and arms as though in an instant he packed on forty pounds of muscle.  His thighs expanded and he grew from six-six to a powerful six-eight.  Even his cheekbones spread slightly giving him the look of a predator.
            He tore the cadroen from his long black hair.  His hair moved around his head in powerful emotional waves, settling at last to hang beside his face.
            He was something greater, more powerful, yet more animal than he’d ever been.  He hated this man-beast.  He was a demonic version of the warrior he’d been and the opposite of the vampire he’d cultivated in himself for millennia.  Warrior he might have been, but like Antony Medichi, he considered himself a gentleman, with fairly refined tastes, a preference for an excellent port, long games of chess, and discussions of philosophy and religion. 
            That his centuries of service had led him here, to this beast-state, humiliated him and infuriated him. 
            The next stage began, a vibration in his chest and throat, a new round of humiliation ready to come forth.
            He chuffed.  He even tried to restrain himself.  But an image of Grace, folding away with Casimir and disappearing from his life all those months ago, streaked through his mind like a bolt of lightning.  She was his woman and she had left with that bastard, Casimir.
The ensuing roar came from so deep in his chest that he felt the sensation into his testicles.  With his knees bent, he roared at the low basement ceiling, over and over, but this time the sound was different, full of a kind of resonance that had never been there before.
He felt as though he was calling from the distance of tens of thousands of years ago, when humans were swamp-creatures and battled in small territorial tribes.  Was this what he was, a throw-back to ancient times?  Was this the result of his slavery to dying blood that Greaves had forced on him as a sign of his loyalty?
That he could form coherent thoughts was a complete mystery and an equal punishment since he couldn’t always act on those thoughts.  And once he was well into the process, he wouldn’t be able to fold.
His brain seemed to be split so that while he observed his conduct as if at a distance, the rest of him was locked into this barbarous state and equally barbarous feelings.
His right hand flexed, longing for his sword.  He wanted to kill, but not in a general sense.  His desire was more specific.  He wanted to kill Casimir, to slay him for having taken his woman, having lured Grace with his scent and his power, having stolen her from him.
He moved in an oval in the small dark basement.  There was one ground level window at ceiling height with steel mullions.  He couldn’t fit through the window, though God knew he’d tried to escape his self-imposed prison more than once during his episodes. 
The healing of all the bruises and cuts had taken a couple of days, since at times he’d even tried to tear through the stone and mortared walls so that his fingers would be bleeding and torn down to the bone.
He was a beast.
Throwing his head back, he roared long and loud, sending shudders through his house and a trembling through the earth.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt!  I’ve had an extraordinary time creating and writing this series!  Let Guardians of Ascension be a new journey for you.  GATES OF RAPTURE releases on December 24th.

To Pre-Order GATES OF RAPTURE   Amazon   Barnes & Noble   iTunes    

Here are the giveaway details (all international with appropriate compensatory prizes as needed):  On each stop of the tour, I’ll be giving away the same awesome collection of prizes, so be sure to stop by each blog on the tour for a chance to win at each blog.  Just be careful of the dates!  The contest at each site will last 3 days only!!!  For links to all the other blogs on the tour:  CLICK HERE!!!
The contest on each site will run for 3 days.  You’ll be asked to fill out a Rafflecopter form specifically for that blog’s contest, NOT for the Grand Prize.  Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions on each site!             
The Grand Prize Drawing - VERY IMPORTANT:  to be eligible for the Grand Prize drawing of the Nook with Glowlight, you must leave a comment at the bottom of this blog.  The grand prize drawing will be selected by in the following manner.  On January 18th, three days after the tour ends, Caris will enter the number of blogsites into the random number generator, which will deliver up the winning site.  She will then go to the winning site, count up the comments one by one, and enter that number into will then provide the Grand Prize winning number matched to the comments on the winning blogsite.  This means, that if you travel to all the blogs on this tour, you can enter the GRAND PRIZE part of this contest on every single blog you visit by leaving a comment at each blogsite!  Good luck to all!

The Goodies as listed on the Rafflecopter form are :  a $10 gift card to Barnes & Noble (or similar for International),  a replica, antique typewriter key bracelet that spells ‘dream’,  a signed copy of ASCENSION (the first novel in the Guardians of Ascension series), Romance Trading Cards and bookmarks.  
The Grand Prize drawing for a Nook with Glowlight, will take place on January 18th, three days after the tour officially ends!  Good luck!
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Caris Roane has published nine Paranormal novels and novellas and writing as Valerie King, fifty Regency works.  In 2005, Romantic Times gave her a Career Achievement award in Regency Romance.  As Caris Roane, she currently writes paranormal romance for St. Martin’s Press and also dabbles in a few self-pubbed projects. 

            I was ten when I first watched an old movie version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and loved it!  Movies led to books, which led to writing and after a good long while, publishing.  I wrote sweet Regency romance for Kensington for 19 years and recently fell in love with paranormal, although I’ve always had a thing for vampires.  I currently write paranormal romance for St. Martin’s Press but I self-publish as well.  Building an online platform has been an enormous but rewarding challenge.  I think all the changes in publishing will alter how authors approach the business going forward and I for one am thrilled to have so many options. 

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