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Review 5 Star Epic - The Nightman Commeth

Title: The Night Man Cometh
Author: Tony-Paul de Vissage
Source: Gift/Self Purchase
Genre: One-of-a-kind mix historical/horror/PNR/UF/SCI-FI
Length: Novel - 367 pgs
Reviewed by Douglas C. Meeks

In 1249, Damien La Croix willingly choses Undeath rather than perish of the Plague. Once risen as a vampire, he takes his betrothed into the dark with him, but something goes wrong and Antoinette perishes. Thus, Damien begins a solitary walk down the corridors of time in search of Antoinette’s replacement.

Beginning with Konstancza in 15th century Romania where Damien and his garde de nuit serve Voivoide Vlad Drakula, his search extends into the far future to a fateful meeting in a snow-filled Chicago. Until then, Damien meets, loves, and loses each person he thinks may be the one to replace his Antoinette—Kate in Colonial America, who avenges herself against her rapist but prefers to hang rather than become an Undead; Bess, a 21st century Goth, wanting both an Undead lover and a living one and dying for the wrong choice; Michel, a concentration camp guard where Damien and his kind are imprisoned in the human answer to the Vampire Problem; Alyss – descendant of his beloved Konstancza –lost to a rival vampire’s seduction.

All could be his but all perish, for when the Night Man Cometh, can Death be far behind…?



This novel was pretty much a gift from someone who suggested I read it, as with a lot of literary gifts I put it in my “To Be Read” stack and moved on until about 45 days later I pulled it out in my version of Kindle roulette.

It took me several chapters before I realized I had cheated myself out of one of the better literary treats of the last several months, possibly longer. This novel covers such a huge scope of around 3500 years that it boggles the mind. It is a changing genre novel of historical, horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and ending with a bit of science fiction. Never read anything like it unless you want to count HG Wells masterpiece The Time Machine.

It starts out with a young man who only wants 2 things from his existence, he wants to live (this is during the Black Plague) and he wants to be with his love Antoinette. He will get his wish and lose much more in the process. Damien became a vampire by choice, making some terrible and soul killing decisions when he did and now he must live with himself. There are some terrible things in this book but it is a more dark look at vampires.

This is not a short vampire romance novel with a great “happy ever after” this is a masterpiece of work that covers some horrible things concerning our hero Damien and tragic periods of history. Life is not all roses and happiness, far, far from it. Damien tries to retain a bit of humanity from time to time which serves to frustrate him as much as it helps him at times.

What he really wants is to find “the one”, that woman who will make him feel complete, the true love he has always wanted but seems to lose each time he comes close.

This is not a singular romance, this is a story of a vampire cut from the Dracula mold of Bram Stoker (garlic, crosses, holy relics, all hurt him) and his search through centuries for the woman he feels sure is out there if he can find her.

He is at times heroic, other times tragic and many times, just the vampire he has become.

A large part of the action takes place prior to the 20 century since that is the time that shapes his persona but we are taken on a ride through history and into the yet imagined future with this novel and all of it captures the imagination.

I give this 5 Stars because I cannot think of anything to compare it to and the scope combined with the highs and lows of Damien’s life is exceptional. It felt like the author may have rushed the ending a bit but then again it was almost to the point of “you gotta stop somewhere” and the ending was very fulfilling and satisfying to me. Highly recommended but this is NOT a novel you will read in one session, it may take days to soak it in, but I loved it.

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  1. Dang it, Doug, now I want to read it to find out if he finds 'his one'
    Great review. :)

  2. Great review! I'm definitely going to add this to my TBR list. Thanks. :)

  3. It truly was one of the best things I have read in some time, it was without a doubt the biggest surprise since I had just let it lay around for so long.

  4. You got my attention! I love it when an author goes dark. Added to my list!


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