Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cover Reveal and Inspiration Submissions

We offer two different types of cover promotions.  For new books (upcoming releases or new within the past month) we offer cover reveals.  For any release (new, old, re-release) we offer cover inspirations. 

Cover Inspirations
A great way for the author to showcase the beautiful images that surround their work and tell the reader a little about why they chose that particular image or to include a short excerpt of the scene that inspired the image.  A post that can still showcase all the pretties - I love my covers - and yes I do at times judge a book by them.  But also, as reader, I love knowing why an author chose a particular name, image, or title in their book.  This is a great way for authors to keep their current readers engaged between books, introduce a new book, and entice new readers as well.

If you're wondering just what a post like this looks like, check out some of our past Cover Inspiration posts HERE.

If you are interested in doing a cover reveal or cover inspiration post, fill out the appropriate form below and email any media files/images to jasmyn[dot]bitten[at]gmail[dot]com.  Please title your email as Cover for <book title>.

Cover Reveal Submission Form
Cover Inspiration Submission Form

Books we accept
Any Romance genre - this does not include love stories or women's fiction.  You must have a happily ever after.
Novels and novellas.
New York Press, Small Press and Indie Press

Books we do not accept
No Teen or Young Adult
No books under 14,000 words (cover reveal only)

Bitten by Romance reserves the right to not post any submissions that do not meet these guidelines.

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