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Review: Tairen Soul Series - C.L. Wilson

September 28, 2010
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September 28, 2010
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September 28, 2010
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September 28, 2010
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October 26, 2010
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She is the salvation of a Fey king’s tormented soul, and the key to saving his immortal race. Only by unleashing her vast power can they hope to conquer the evil forces determined to destroy them. Beginning with Lord of the Fading Lands, continuing with Lady of Light and Shadows, King of Sword and Sky, and Queen of Song and Souls, and concluding with Crown Of Crystal Flame, the Tairen Soul series tells the story of Ellysetta Baristani and Rain Tairen Soul as they fight to save the tairen and the Fey, defeat the dangerous power of the Eld Mages, and complete their truemate bond.

Brilliant & Creatively Written!

Just Wow! I am totally blown away.  The series is brilliantly written with the world building and the dynasty of connections between the characters.  This is one series that imagination and creativity of the plot exceeds any fantasy tale I have ever read.  I found myself captivated from the very first book and towards the end of each book I couldn’t wait to get to the next book to continue the flowing magical movie like visual of excitement the author’s smooth writing revealed as it came alive upon the page.

I want to note however that each book is just a part of the story and must be read in order for the reader to understand the awesome plot and the connection between each character.

The main characters Ellysetta and Rain are magical and their passion is believable and steam up the pages throughout the series.  The fey language will have you melting with heart felt emotions. 

“Ver reisa ku’chae. Kem surah, sheitani.  Your soul calls out. Mine answers, beloved.” (Rain)
“Whatever your fate, I wil share it. Wherever your Path leads, there, too, walk I. Ver reisa ku’chae. Kem surah, sheitani.” (Rain)

The Tairen creatures are creative as they are a form of great big cats with wings.  They are humorous and playful but most importantly they are protective with a fierceness that will have you in awe.  Steli is my favorite because of her protectiveness and heartwarming fondness of Ellie, she had me laughing out loud with her humor and actions.

The friendship between the Celierian (humans) Fae, Elves, characters bring forth the drama of family history, their fates of religion and beliefs, their turmoil of living and surviving, and their dedication of honor and soul wrenching love to die for.

“War is a strange thing, kem’jitanessa. I’ve seen bitter enemies fighting side by side, because they hate the thing they’re fighting more than they hate each other. Sometimes you have to take your allies where you find them and hope for the best.”

Throughout each book the reader will find the many examples of good (light) vs evil (darkness) and a discovery of how not all evil (darkness) is truly evil but a necessary action of protectiveness and love – a way of life.  This is one of the reasons I love about this magical story. 

“We are all the gods children. All our gifts come from them. It’s what we do with those gifts that determines whether we walk in Light or Shadow.”

The evil (darkness) of the Mages along with their demon possessed evil creatures will have you seething for revenge as the torture and graphic bloody scenery plays out in this action packed mystical story.  The magical powers bestowed upon the Mages and their minions is bone chilling and will have you gripping the book tight as you read the scenes thinking OMG or WTF. 

However, though the reader will be stunned from the horrific scenes of great loss, the passionate warmth of love and good deeds between each book leaves you with a fulfilled contentment up to the final climax of the breath taking Happy Ever After in the end.

Overall, I highly recommend this series for all Adult Fantasy fans and this fan of C.L. Wilson looks forward to reading more of her fantastic works. 


  1. Fantastic series! I've read it multiple times. I'm still impatiently awaiting the other books in the series.

  2. I have had this series in my book closet for ever! Almost all of my reading friends have read it and adored it. I really have to get on to reading it. Really.

  3. FABULOUS series! My copy of Lord is falling apart I've read it so much!

  4. Thank you everyone for your awesome comments, I love hearing from all of you especially when it is on an awesome book or books like this one. Hugs


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