Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review Magical Kiss by Virginia Cavanaugh

Title: Magical Kiss
Author: Virginia Cavanaugh 
Source: Author request
Genre paranormal romance-
Length: Short story 29 pgs.

Being a carnal magic user doesn’t make Breeze Hawthorne “easy”. In fact, she’s tired of the nasty names her kind tends to get labeled with. So when she finds herself paired with sexy water user Chehon McFlint, she’s determined to keep things professional, no matter how bad her body burns for him.
A horrid beast is about to break loose from an underwater prison and Breeze is running low on juice. When she fails to get hold of her usual service partner, she’s faced with a decision that could cost her emotionally. Chehon seems ready, willing and able to handle the job of recharging her, but Breeze isn’t so sure he’ll leave her heart intact when the job is over.

Magical Kiss is a very quick hot story. For such a short story I believe Virginia added the right amount of story and passion between the characters. I just wished there would have been more to the story because you don’t find many witches and warlock romance stories out there anymore. 
This story is categorized under erotica, but I would categorize it as erotic romance because you do get a small story spite it being only 29 pages and there is no taboo sex  going on. This story is from a first POV,  in this case Breeze's.  I don’t want to spoil anything, all I can say if you like magic and a hot quickie, then you need to give this story a try. 

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