Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reviewers wanted!

I am looking for reviewers that can read mainly paranormal romance and erotic paranormal romance. We do get a few other sub-genres in, but not a whole lot. This is an adult romance blog and I like to stick to that category, so no young adult. 

Please, don’t contact me unless your serious about doing this. I have had several want to do it and take a book and never heard from them again. That’s not fair to me, I have to answer to the author or publisher. Most people thinks this is just something fun but it’s not it’s work and authors are counting on us to be honest and on time, as I am as the blog owner. I need people who wants to do this all the time and be serious about it.

I do have to limit this to US and Canada residents only, reason I can't afford to mail books international.

There is a few requirements: I'll need to talk to you over the phone and be prepared it will take a bit to go over some things.I cannot take anyone that already reviews or owns a book blog. I will need reviews done and posted on the blog by 14 days.

So, if you think you want to


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