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Cover Reveal: Escaping Love by Debra Smith

Title: Escaping Love (A Koning Clan Novel #2)
Author: Debra Smith
Publisher: Indie
Release Date: May 31, 2013

Eva, a rare white panther, is desperate to avoid her family and their expectations.  Hundreds of years of tradition force her to run to the newly appointed Queen only to find her gone.  Hopeless causes her to invoke the right of Hospitality and everything that goes with it, including the mouthwatering lupine cowboy with talented hands.  When he whispers her name she's tempted to submit as long as meets her every desire.

Clint, the beta wolf of the Koning Clan, is tired of troublesome females walking through the doors of Gryph's Bar.  The last one changed history.  Now, a small, seductive feline grates on his nerves and beckons his primitive instincts.  Even though she's trouble, her taste drives him to addition.  Low dictates he must protect her, but the way she calls to his beast may lead to their undoing.  As a male with no knowledge of his past how can they have a future?

Excerpt from Escaping Love

There. Light shined through the trees. Relief gave her the extra strength she needed. Gryph’s flashed over the imposing red doors of the bar complete with a bouncer perched to the side. Crap. His height and massive arms crossed over his chest seemed less than inviting. How to play this? Her human appearance was less than intimidating. Maybe she could seem unimposing and just walk right in. Yeah right, a girl could dream.
Alex pictured her human form in the center of her inner light. The change wasn’t painful, at least not after the very first shift. Magic allowed them to keep their clothes. The only drawback was that unlike the animals in nature, their color matched in both their human and animal form.
Branches scratched her exposed skin while she parted the bushes. Sashaying toward the bouncer, she tried not to hold her breath. His scent hit her nose. A bear. Great. This close to winter he could be especially grumpy.
His nostrils flared and brief look of confusion crossed his face before he schooled his features.
“Hi,” she said in a sweet, sing-song voice.
He grunted.
Great this could be harder than she thought. “I’m looking for Jenifer Koning. I request an audience.”
Another grunt.
Claws pricked at the tips of her fingers, bringing a burning pleasure. Calming her temper, she did her best not to expose her best kept secret.
“Is she here?”
His response, “Clint we have a live one, again.”
Again? What was that supposed to mean? Her ears tingled as she struggled to hear the voice on the end of the line. From the bear’s wince it wasn’t looking good. For him or for her.
“Go on in. Stay out of trouble.”
Gritting her teeth before she gave him a reason to hibernate, she pulled open one of the big red doors.
Alex took her time entering the bar. She needed to seem like she had every right to be there. She couldn’t risk them kicking her out before she could plead her case to their queen. An old Vince Gil song flowed from the jukebox.  Red, faded booths and bar stools filled the space. The scent of fried food assaulted her nose. Doing her best not show her repulsion, her gaze drifted past the bar and landed on the male stomping toward her.
Good lord, he was fine. Faded blue jeans clung to his muscular legs as the heels of his cowboy boots echoed through the air. A green and blue, plaid shirt, with the top buttons unfastened revealing the tan skin of his chest, rolled sleeves resting just below his elbows showed off his muscled forearms. The one on his right was tattooed but she didn’t risked getting lost in its puzzle. Dusty blonde locks hung in his eyes, and a five o’clock shadow covered his jaw. Firm lips pressed into a flat line were only distracted from by his intense blue eyes. She’d never seen such eyes. He was sexy wrapped in a whole lot of delicious.
His mouth moved and she blinked. “I’m sorry, what did you say?”
An irritated rumble sounded in his chest. “I said, who are you?”
“Alex.” After listening to his sweet drawl, she felt a small sensation of being welcome. And then it was gone.
His eyes thinned in what was probably irritation she got that a lot, “What’s your full name and Clan?”
The cowboy was smarter than he looked. Hot and intelligent, be still her quaking knees. Wait, her knees were trembling. Placing her hand on the bar, she braced her body. The room started to spin. She shook her head trying to gain focus. Alarm spread through her at the thought of showing weakness in front of him. This male was definitely a predator and the last thing she wanted to do was fall at his feet.
Then, exhaustion overtook her. Her knees buckled sending her forward into his awaiting arms. His concerned face was the last thing she saw.

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  1. This one looks spicy! Thanks for sharing! I especially like the idea of the main male character being a beta rather than an alpha and I LOVE the wolf tattoo on his arm!

  2. Looks great! Thanks for having me. :-)

  3. I think it's cool that there is a "cat" and a "dog". I also love the colors on the cover.


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