Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Help Petfinder's get the word out about dogs being left in hot cars.

It seems like as each summer passes the hotter it get and in turn the dummer people get's. They want to take their dogs with them to the store but yet they have no clue that just a cracked window will not keep their dog alive while they are in the store for hours at a time. So, below you'll see some pictures from Petfinders that will help you save a dogs life this summer. Please visit Petfinders link below as share as much as you can to help save a life. 

Dogs or cat's don't belong in a car in the summer heat! 


  1. being left in hot cars will kill them, not only puppy and kitten, but also baby!!

  2. If I ever see an animal left in a hot car, I will break the windows to get them out.

    1. I would do the same thing. I started listening for any dogs barking every time I go to the market parking lot.


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