Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: Soeis by Rosalind Scarlett

Title: Soeis (Anam Ceile Chronicles #2)
Author: Rosalind Scarlett
Source: Author Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Historical
Length: Novel
Release Date: June 21, 2013
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Do I deserve love again when I have done nothing but murder?  And when again I do find him, will there be anything of me left to give?

Though she treasures her homeland of Ireland, Aislinn only knows she must find escape from the painful memories.  Not knowing where she is heading, her intuition beckons her to Italy.  Perhaps, she will resume her long ago dreams of becoming a famous violinist - such a thing would be possible there.  But that was before her existence had been altered by her love for Donovan.  How can those old dreams possibly even matter anymore - when she has lost everything that did matter?

Barely sustaining herself in the underground of Florence, Aislinn is found by a couple of stunning seasoned vampires who offer to take her under their wing and demonstrate to her how a vampiress should be conducting herself.  While relieved to be taken from her dreary homeless existence and be living in their beautiful old villa, she finds acclimating to their regime of seducing their helpless male prey with the lure of sexual promises to be inflicting moral turmoil on her conscience.

There is one catch.  Aislinn is truly enticed by Katja, the angelic Hungarian golden-haired vampire.  When Katja seduces her, Aislinn is awakened to pleasures she never imagined existed before.

And she wants more.  Much more...

Even as she battles against everything that they are - and in turn, everything she is becoming - Aislinn cannot help but be overcome with the intense sexual lust, as well as the bloodlust of their realm.  Determined to find her love reincarnate once again - as she avowed to him as he lay dying in her arms - she is struggling against losing herself and preserving her virginity in the midst of these increasingly overwhelming desires.

Then, one day, Aislinn is certain she glimpses and catches the scent of her love.  With this new driving force, she is desperate to be with him again.  But she knows she must be vigilant in safeguarding her secret.  It is vital that she finds him before they do an relish turning him into their next victim.

When her cohorts imprison Aislinn in the dungeon, she sinks into despair.  Now, how will she ever find him? Worse yet, trapped there, how will she protect her love from them?

What Aislinn does not know is that she possesses powers of which she is unaware.  Will she discover them in time to save herself - and her one true love?

Warning: Contains steamy sensuality & explicit sexuality.  Not intended for readers below the age of eighteen!

Warning:  This book contains some content readers may choose to avoid.  There is one scene describing how horrible one of the bad guys is that involves forced incest.  I skimmed over that scene and moved on without seeming to have hurt the story by doing so.

Aislinn is still distraught over losing Donovan.  But she knows she must bide her time and search for him once he has been reincarnated.  Book two focuses on Aislinn learning her powers and discovering herself.  Her time spent with the "evil" vampiresses solidifies her disgust of the way the vampires live and encourages her to find the strength to follow her own path.  She holds out hope that she will one day see Donovan again, and while she doesn't find her happily ever after in this edition, it feels as if she is one step closer to finishing her journey.

There is a lot of f/f as well as f/m/f in this book that is super hot.  Rosalind doesn't hold any punches and gives amazing detail of all her scenes.  Please keep in mind the warning from the beginning of this review.  As I stated then, I don't feel that you will lost much of the story line by skipping over this part of the story.

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