Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: My Familiar Stranger by Victoria Danann

Title: My Familiar Stranger (Order of the Black Swan #1)
Author: Victoria Danann
Source: Author Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Release Date: April 21, 2012
Reviewer: Jasmyn

Smart. Sexy. Magical.

A secret society, modern day knights, an accidental pilgrim from an alternate dimension, and a vampire like no other come together where chance intersects romance for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, proving that true love can find you in the strangest places, even far, far from home.


Minutes ahead of inevitable assassination, Elora Laiken is forcibly transported to an alternate dimension similar, but not identical, to her own.  She is stranded.  Alone.  Far from home.  A stranger in a "strangish" land.

Of course a girl could suffer worse problems than having gorgeous suitors.  Perhaps more importantly, in the midst of an epidemic of vampire related abductions, can she stay alive long enough to choose between an honor debt, true love, or the breathlessness of single-minded passion?

I've been looking forward to this series for awhile - everywhere I hear such great things about it.  I'm happy to say that it didn't disappoint one bit.  From page one Victoria Danann draws you into Elora's story as she is quite literally ripped from her own dimension into another.  The story related her experience beautifully.  With just enough of the world alike to ours that it's easy to understand and relate to the strange but little differences Elora experiences.

Saying Elora's arrival in this dimension was painful would be an understatement.  The men that witness her arrival aren't even sure if she's human at first.  But one, Storm quickly comes to the rescue and whisks her off to the infirmary where they patch her back up.  Storm sits by her side and the two become very close.  But when she is introduced to Ram, he realizes he almost missed out on meeting the most important person in his life.  These men that surround Elora are part of The Order of the Black Swan - vampire hunters and protectors of the "real world" from the paranormal.

Elora is eager to help her new friends and in the process runs into a very unique vampire by the name of Istan Baka.  I can't say too much about him just yet, but he's quite the character and I loved him.  Now it may seem like there is a lot going on...and there is...but the book paces everything beautifully.  Keeping the action going without being overwhelming.  There were several points that had my heart racing and unable to put the book down.  The romance was touching, but it did keep you guessing which wonderful guy she would eventually pick.

I couldn't wait to pick up the next.  These books were written perfectly to follow one after the other.  Enough of a cliffhanger to make you extremely curious, enough of an ending to give you a little resolution.


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