Sunday, October 27, 2013

Here's Mine, Now Show Me Yours

Michelangelo's David
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With the advent of the ereader and the numerous apps for digital reading on just about any mobile device, it would be a safe bet there is a significant portion of the population who hasn't or won't read a traditional print book again.  It doesn't matter what the book may be:  fiction, history, cookbook, repair manual, textbook (Don't they even "rent" the digital ones now?), comic book....I could go on and on.  It's a shame too, because they will miss the singular joy of spectacular art work beaming at them from the coffee table.  But that is not why I'm here today.

I'm here today talk about quirks.  Specifically, how we treat our print books.  I'll go first.

  • I do not write or underline in my books. Nor do I put name and address stickers in my books.  Just, just eewwww....
  • I do not set anything on top of my books, except for another book. (A wet, circle ring freaks me out!)  And then only when it's laying flat.
  • I never, never bend pages down to mark my reading spot. ACK!!!  I always have some kind of bookmark laying around even if it's a scrap piece of paper. Right now my favorite bookmark is the one my Grandson had made with his kindergarten pictures last year.
  • I rarely, if ever, loan my books.  The person must be someone I know very well, and they treat their books the same way I treat mine.  I have separation anxiety until the book is returned.

I gathered up a few from around the house.
My education and career is centered around the admin field.  So when the Post-It-Note was developed - it was the best thing since sliced bread!  Yep, I still use them today.  They can be found in a number of places where I can easily put my hands on one:  my purse, the desk, the coffee table, the little cubby in the love seat sofa. I even have a back-up pack.  You know, so I don't run out.

The special places tabbed!
My biggest quirk is using these cute little tabs in my books.  I use them in my cookbooks to mark special recipes I use time and again.  I use them to mark those "extra-special" places in the books I know I'll be reviewing for BBPR.  I use them in my Avon books to mark special sales.  I use them in my RT Book Review magazines to make sure I put those books on my ever-growing TBR piles.  I use them in my notebook of To Do's!

Yep, I've taken some good-natured teasing for my quirkiness.

If you're wondering, yes, I do have a Nook and the Kindle app on my tablet, but the highlighting, marking pages, and note taking isn't as much fun.  Plus, I can't ogle enticing book covers such as these while they're laying around the house!

P.S.  Never leave the post-its on the pages in a book you want to preserve (shelf-keeper).  They could rip the pages.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I read a lot more print books than ebooks. I was given a Kindle by a family member and for almost 6 months didn't even turn it on...well, then someone sent me a free ebook and I thought, ok...I will read the free ones. I have yet to buy an ebook and doubt I ever will because I love my print books too much. I don't loan them and I try not to even crack the spine of the book while I'm reading it. Yeah, I'm that quirky..

    1. Mary, I would say 99.5% of my ebooks I've downloaded are free. I've gotten them from various places: Amazon, B&N, ARE. I just found out about Book Bub. You let them know what genres you are interested in and they send a daily email with free and low cost ebooks.

      Book Bub

  2. I totally agree and am the same way! I don't use post its but sounds like a good idea. I use my iPad and kindle but I do prefer prints. I used to buy only hardcover but have added paperbacks to my collection recently, especially since they are almost the same price, lol.

    1. Emi, when I use a coupon or pre-order a print book, the price is at such a discount, I would rather have print than digital.

    2. I should definitely start preordering, lol. I would much rather have the print too.


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