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Best of 2013: Snake in the Grass by Staci Hart

Title: Snake in the Grass (Good Gods #2)
Author: Staci Hart
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Release Date: July 8, 2013
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Rating - 5
Sexual - 3

It’s Round Two of high stakes Love Connection on Olympus, and this time, everything has
changed. For Aphrodite, at least.

Ares is on deck, and Aphrodite is nervous. As much as she loves to hook up with him, she doesn’t trust him as far as she could throw him, which isn’t very far. He’s a big dude. They haven’t been together in a very long time, but she can’t resist him. She never could. Even when every part of her screamed that he was a liar.

Ares has a plan to keep Aphrodite, for good this time. He wants to win the game, but he’ll hold back to get what he wants. He’s sitting on a chance that he’s been waiting thousands of years for, and he’ll do what he has to do to convince her to stay forever.

The only thing that could stop him is the secret that he’s been keeping from her for eons. If she finds out, it will destroy everything.

Kat and Dillon have been through a lot, and everything has been to protect their younger siblings. They have sacrificed everything to make sure their brother and sister are safe. The players are tough and loyal. Fierce and determined. But they become each other’s weakness, even though they fight it, and even though it means danger for Kat and her sister.

If Aphrodite can get the players over their egos and issues long enough to see that they’re meant for each other, the competition will be a piece of cake. One that she’ll eat a la mode, right in front of Ares, if she beats him.

This is the second book in the Good Gods series by Staci Hart - I highly recommend reading the first book, Deer in Headlights (also a top bite) first - you can find my review HERE.

After winning round one of her challenge, Aphrodite is all set for round two - even if it is against Ares, her "I love you- I hate you" friend.  This time Ares has chosen his player well, and Aphrodite is a little worried at first - until she realizes the siblings are a love match as well.  What could be better than beating Ares with a two-for-one!  Ares isn't sure how he wants to play this round.  On one hand, the god of war can't stand being defeated.  On the other, he would do anything to make Aphrodite his forever - even throw the game by not using his most valuable card.

Meanwhile, back on earth, the players of this great game are set for action.  Kat and Dillon are two of the most angry characters I've ever seen - and they're perfect for each other.  But only if they can cool their tempers long enough to say a civil word to each other.  Kat hates men - especially after what happened with her sister's, Kiki, ex-boyfriend (cant give too much away here).  She is determined to keep her sister, and herself, man-free for as long as she can.  Moving over to Dillon and Owen - Dillon has been his brother's protector for as long as he can remember.  Dillon knows that his uncontrollable temper means no love life for him - and he's determined to keep Owen from being hurt by falling for the wrong girl as well.  Both sets siblings are a study opposites that was very comical at times.  I love Staci Hart's sense of humor when it comes to writing about her humans.

Back in the realm of the gods - Aphrodite is starting to unravel an ancient mystery that involves Ares and Apollo, and she's not liking the way it looks.  While she struggles to find a happily ever after for all her players, she realizes she may have just lost hers.  The mythology was spot on again, and helped to tie the complicated lives of the gods together in a wonderful ball of tangled yarn.  As Aphrodite tries to untangel part of her thread, she may be distracted just enough not to notice the danger her players are about to encounter - danger that could not only cost Aphrodite the game, but the humans their lives.
Another amazing book by Staci Hart.  I very rarely love sophomore books in a series as much as I liked the first book - this is one of the very few exceptions.  It was the perfect follow-up and I really want to see what happens in round 3.

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