Thursday, February 6, 2014

Favorite reads of 2013 Claudy Conn Moon-Quicksliver

Title: Hungry Moon-Quicksilver
Author: Claudy Conn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
 Length: Novel
 Reviewed by: Laurie Rating- 5 Sexual- 2

Ravena MacAllister doesn’t want to admit what she is. She wants to continue pretending she’s just human … only human, like her mother, like her friends.

But she isn’t human.

Heartbreak and betrayal send her off rushing to Scotland, to a familiar haven where she has spent so many summers with her father, but she soon discovers that everything has changed.

From the moment she meets Quinn MacValdane, shock waves travel through him to her and back again, wrapping them in a tide of passion she had never dreamt possible. But if they are to have a future together, she must confront who and what she is, for she will need to call on the powers within her as she becomes embroiled in an adventure that will alter her life forever.

The time for pretending is over.

Quicksilver is a priceless gem among the paranormal romance genre. I simply loved every minute of reading this book. Claudy Conn did an outstanding job creating the world and characters. I loved how everything was explained in detail and I felt like I was right there in the middle of everything.

 You find everything from, wizards, druids, demons, shape-shifters and so much more in the story. This story has action, mystery, magic and a passionate romance.

 What I liked best was Quinn. Not only is he a wizard he is also a werewolf and not the type we normally read, you know just a regular wolf shifter. Nope not Quinn, he is not the really cute and cuddly dog type we read about all the time. However, with his Scottish accent and really hot looks when the full moon is not out he can really draw a lady LOL. Unfortunately Quinn ends up cursed and waits an eternity before one woman can save him. I want to address this sex.

There is not much sexual action in this story. You get a few good lengthy sex scenes but mostly you get some hot sexual tension. I really thought what was presented fit the story and characters well. I loved the HEA ending and hope to read the next book soon.

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