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Review: The Young and the Submissive (The Doms of Her Life #2) by by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, Isabella LaPearl

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Title: The Young and the Submissive (The Doms of Her Life #2)
Author: Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, Isabella LaPearl
Genre: Erotic Romance
Length: Novel
Release Date: October 29th 2013
Reviewed by: Ollie

Rating - 3
Sexual - 5

Raine Kendall has everything a woman could want…almost. Sexy, tender Dom Liam O’Neill is her knight in shining armor, but Raine is constantly pinching herself. Is he too good to be true or is this growing connection one that could last a lifetime? She’s constantly torn by her abiding feelings for her commanding boss, Macen “Hammer” Hammerman, especially in the wake the mind-blowing night he cast aside the barriers between them and ravaged every inch of her body.

Hammer, Liam’s former best friend, can’t stop coveting Raine. But Liam is determined to hold and guide the woman he loves and see if she can be the submissive of his dreams. However, he’s finding that her trust is hard won and he needs a bloody crowbar to pry open her scarred soul. So he risks everything to win her once and for all. But once he’s put his daring plan in motion, will it cost Liam his heart if he loses Raine to Hammer for good?
Ok I gave in and decided to read book 2 of Doms of her Life despite how the first book ended with me feeling let down. Sometimes you see a train wreck and you can't help to look and find out what is happening and with these characters I couldn't look away from these train wrecked people and I wish I did.

Book 2 continues where Book 1 left off with Raine trying to sort out her feelings for the two men in her life who have come to mean so much to her. Unfortunately, she is unable to see that her inability to give herself completely to either one of them is tearing the men apart from the inside out.

The issue that I continue to have with Raine is she has these two men who are trying to help her to get over her barriers and help her be able to “submit” and become a submissive, but I don't see her as being a submissive at all. I see Raine as an immature woman who is confused and doesn't have the maturity to know what is involved to be in a committed relationship as she continues to break their trust and commitments made. Again I don't feel that she is trying to “train” to be a submissive or wants to be a submissive, just wants to get what she wants.

By the time I reached the end of the book, I had to force myself to finish it as I felt Raine's selfish needs were all about her and did not take into consideration the two men's feelings and how much it was tearing them apart. As Doms I can see how they are trying to take care of her “needs” but in return a submissive obtains pleasure is seeing the pleasure that she gives to a Dom for giving up her gift of control to him. In this case it is not reciprocal because it leaves one of the Dom's questioning his ability to take care of her needs and his difficulty in dealing with the pain building in his heart.

Book 2 is another one of those books that makes me question should I continue with book 3 as the book ends without a happily ever after or even a happy for now. Again the inconsistencies in what the characters say and do in one part of the book to the other leaves me frustrated at times though I don't think in a good way.

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