Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: Blackmailed by the Billionaire Brewer by Rachel Lyndhurst

Title: Blackmailed by the Billionaire Brewer
Author: Rachel Lyndhurst
Source: Entangled - Indulgence
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Release Date: May 19, 2014
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Rating - 3
Sexual - 3

Piper Reilly is in trouble. She needs a cash infusion, and she’s just left a scorching hot man
in Florida to get her life in Colorado back on track. Then her surfside one-night-stand turns out to be her new boss, billionaire Matt DeLeo, with an offer she can’t refuse – agree to be the face of his brewery’s newest concoction or lose her job. A few weeks modeling for the billionaire playboy and her money worries are over, and she can definitely resist Matt’s gorgeous smile and muscular, tattooed arms. It’s strictly business. Right?

Matt DeLeo is in trouble. He’s found the perfect woman to sell Passion Creek Brewery’s newest brew, but if he wants her on his posters, he’ll have to keep his hands to himself. His problem? All he wants to do is drink in Piper. It will take more than blackmail for Matt to get his way.
I almost didn't pick up this one to read.  The title seemed a little extreme and I wasn't a big fan of the cover (yes I do judge books by them - especially if I'm on the fence about the blurb).  I'm glad I decided to give it a go because there was a lot of good stuff in these pages.

Piper was a riot.  She was sarcastic, opinionated, artsy and had a soft spot for stray kitties - just my kind of girl.  Piper and her pregnant cat have quite the adventure with billionaire Matt DeLeo - and I loved that the cat actually played a minor role in helping push the two together.  I wish I could talk one of my furry ones into finding me a billionaire.  Of course, Piper doesn't see it as such a good thing.

Matt is an obnoxious rich boy snob that thinks he can somehow buy whatever he needs in life.  I really didn't like him at first - but his good will toward kitty made me willing to give him a chance.  It let him show a small bit of his softer side that kept me hoping he would turn out all right.  Throughout the story he seems more concerned with keeping Piper at arms length and promoting his new beer than anything else.

Their relationship was an odd one.  I'm still not sure how they ended up falling for each other eventually.  There were parts of it I loved and parts that I either didn't get or didn't like as well.  I'm very glad I decided to pick it up though, the ending was one of the sweetest I've seen in a long time - just ask kitty, she was there, too.

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