Thursday, September 25, 2014

Are you a book hoarder?

A Book Hoarder
by Laurie Garrison

Are you a book hoarder? Do you keep buying or grabbing free books and downloading them in your device? Do you have more than 300, 500 or 1k+ books in your device now that you haven’t even considered touching? If so, you might be viewed as a book hoarder and here is why.

With today’s technology and all of the free and huge box sets that sell at cheap rates, it’s easy to gather over 300+ in a small device in no time. Will you ever read all of those books or do you just keep downloading and hoarding more?

What is a hoarder? They are people that offend times have some sort of difficulties or disorder during their lifetime and they start collecting everything. Heck some even goes out of their way to gather more stuff to keep filling their houses with. Often times their house is so overrun that they can’t even walk through their house and most of these houses are condemned for health reasons.

 I believe since e-readers, free downloads and box-sets have come in to play readers are becoming book hoarders. Sure we have always has a couple of bookshelves full of books in our house but when we run out of room and money, we’d say enough, it’s time to quit buying and start reading what we have now.

With the introduction of the new e-readers, free, very cheap and box-sets readers have been downloading more and more daily and it’s causing readers to become book hoarders because they just keep downloading and downloading without reading the books they downloaded. E-readers takes up zero space in their house so they can have as many books as they want and let’s not forget to count the fact that you can now days get books at least half, if not for free from the cost of normal book prices just a couple of years ago, so this has caused a downloading frenzy for some people. People has to see how many free books they can download.  They figure what the hey, it’s free why not download and heck I might get around to reading it one day but if not who cares, I did have to pay anything or heck it was only .99 cents for 10 books in one set and this is where the hoarding begins. They just keep adding and adding without thought that they will ever read any of those books the author wrote.

Why is it so important to read what you download? Because someone took time to write and pay to publish that book you’re downloading and they hope you will read it and love it, so you will come back for more or at least tell others and they can sale more books that way. They have bills too regardless of what you might think.  The thing is the readers never gets around to reading them, why? Because we have too freaking many!

 Look at it this way in one year I downloaded over 400 free books without going out each day and looking for freebies. I know tons of readers spend their days looking for that next free book they can download and never read. It’s like a drug and they have to have that free book and little do they know they are also becoming hoarders by doing this. You might think I am joking about this but I am not. I stopped offering giveaways on my blog for a reason, it’s because it’s like a drugs to some people and all they wanted to do was to see if they can win a free book and they would sit for days and go to each blog and enter to win free books. I have seen this done first hand and said no more on my blog. I also had an author to tell me that she asked the reader to please give her a review after she reads the free book and that winner told her “I don’t read books I just like to enter to win contest.” In other words she was a sweepstakes junkie and how do you think that author felt hearing this as she was sending this person a book of hers to read? Not, good I will tell you that. We can become book download junkies too, just think about that for a minute while I run some numbers here.

An average reader will read at least one novel a week so that means an average reader will read fifty-two novels a year.

So, let’s go back to my free downloads in one year. I downloaded a little over 400. (I am sticking with even numbers here:-)

400 books-52 weeks =348. It would take me a total of seven years just to read the free books I downloaded. Just think about that, it would take me seven years to get through the 400 I downloaded. Heck by the time I get to some books the author would have stopped writing. Even if you bump it up to 2 books a week it’s only going to cut it down to about three years. Then you have some that don’t even get time to read one book a month because of jobs and other reasons. So, it could take even longer for someone to go through 400 downloads.

So, this bring me back to book hoarding. Look and see how many books you have downloaded in your device and make sure you count each book in that box-set too. They usually have over ten books in each set so, let’s say if a person downloads twenty box sets at $0.99 or whatever price the box set was at the time then they have 1k books right there. Wow, and that is not counting all of their freebies and paid books they also downloaded. They will never get to read them.  Face it if you are kind of person that already has over 1k and you keep downloading and not reading them, then you’re a book hoarder, if you like to hearing that or not. This sounds like it’s a good thing but if you not reading the books it’s not again someone took their time and spent their money to write and publish that book just so someone can get some enjoyment from it.

I still say if people had to pay a good decent price for a book you’ll find they would only buy what they really want try to read. PERIOD.


  1. Cynthia akaArtemisSep 25, 2014, 10:24:00 AM

    Laurie, what a fabulous post! I had a friend tell me not too long ago I needed an "intervention" because of my books!. She said it in a laughing manner, but it really got me thinking. Now, I don't think I ever bought/downloaded 400 in one year, but I know I have accumulated over 1,000 books between print and ebooks (Nook and Kindle).

    There are some print books I will never part with. On the other hand, it has been very hard culling through and separating keepers. It's been a slow and painful process.

    Ereaders are a double-edge sword. I have plenty of books to read, but because I can't see them, touch them, or find them.......I don't read them. Out of sight, out of mind. Whereas, with a print book, I can go to my bookshelf and pick out exactly what I want. Licketly split - no problems.

    I will have to say though, I will not download a book just because it is free. If I don't think I won't like the book because of the subject matter, genre, or what have you, I won't download it even if it screams F-R-E-E! I wholeheartedly agree with you about free books doing a disservice to authors. I'm just as guilty about downloading a free book and not reading it. Unless the freebies stop, the hoarding will continue and authors will continue to see revenues fall.

  2. I never really thought about it but no, I'm not a book hoarder. Having so many books for free doesn't make me want to download them. Yes, I was given an old Kindle Keyboard but I've only downloaded 3 free books this entire year. I have downloaded a few books that were given to me for review purposes and I downloaded a couple that were given to me when I won them but I don't usually enter contests that offer ebooks unless I really already love the author and I haven't already read the book. I would rather have the print book to read. I try to review most of the books I read unless they are really bad and in that case I don't want to leave a horrible review so I'll either just leave it be, write the review because others need to know it was awful and they are charging way too much for the book or I'll find some redeeming reason to give it at least 3 stars. But for me I either love a book or I don't which is why I don't write a lot of book reviews. lol So no, I'm not a book hoarder of ebooks although I do have about 2000 print books on my bookshelves....

  3. Cynthia akaArtemisSep 25, 2014, 3:39:00 PM

    WOW Mary! You could open your own used bookstore!

  4. LOL Probably but most of them are 'keepers' and I couldn't sell much less give them away. I'm so funny about my keepers that when I read them I try not to break the spine while reading so most of my books look brand new. Just one of my many quirks.

  5. Holy cow, over 2k print that is a lot. LOL. I have no where near that maybe 500 prints so you are one luck dog LOL

  6. Thanks Cynthia. As we talked about before it seems like all of the freebies are junk, full of grammar and formatting issues. After a few I tried I just said right then no more unless its something I really have been wanting to try.

  7. Thanks :) Now if I only have more space for more bookshelves. lol

  8. Cynthia akaArtemisSep 29, 2014, 1:38:00 PM

    uh oh.....Once I start reading the free downloads, I may be adding quite a few DNF's to the reading list then. Just saying....


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