Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cover Reveal: The Oath by Tara Fox Hall

Title: The Oath
Author: Tara Fox Hall
Release Date: November 13, 2014

Young widow, Sarelle McGarran, is in love with the vampire, Danial Racklan, the charismatic man that has transformed her life in only a few short months. But now Danial asks for more; an Oath, a promise a mortal gives her vampire lover to be his forever, a permanent joining that cannot be dissolved. But having lost a husband once, can Sar bring herself to give her promise once again?

Excerpt from The Oath:

I paused before the mirror. This was it, the moment I’d planned on telling him I would swear to be his. Like before, my uncertainties arose. I couldn’t ever leave him if I did. Not ever. Was I that sure?

Words my friend Kat had spoken earlier came back to me. Why haven’t you told him you’ll marry him? Are you crazy? You love him; he loves you; he’s rich; and he’s gorgeous! How can you even have to think about it?

I went to the bedroom door. Danial waited for me, the strong lines of his face relaxed in a happy smile as he studied the tree. His freshly cut hair feathered back except for a loose wave that fell over his forehead. I loved him so much my chest ached.

It was now or never, the perfect moment to pledge to be his forever. Kat was right; things weren’t going to get any better. If I didn’t do it, I’d wonder the rest of my life what it could have been like with him, what I missed out on by not taking the chance.

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