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Review: Jingle Bell Romance (Holiday Harbor #2) by Mia Ross

Title: Jingle Bell Romance (Holiday Harbor #2)
Author: Mia Ross
Source: Self-Purchased
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational, Christmas
Release Date: November 19, 2013
Length: Novel
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Rating - 3
Sexual - 1


Book 2-Holiday Harbor: Where love is just around the bend...

Julia Stanton loves Christmas--almost as much as she loves the home she's made in Holiday Harbor. So when her beloved pastor's prodigal son returns for a brief visit, she hatches a plan to keep Nick McHenry in town. Growing up as an ambassador's daughter, she's charmed countless dignitaries and surely she can get the brooding bachelor to see how much joy there is in a family-filled holiday. Julia never expects to feel the spark of something more for Nick. But it will take more than attraction to turn this handsome scrooge into her hometown hero.
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Holiday Harbor is an amazing small town.  It's everything people expect from one - close friends and nosy neighbors, a tight knit community that never forgets - whether it was a good thing you did or a bad.  Unfortunately for the pastor's long lost son, Nick McHenry, a lot of it is bad.  But Julia is new, she wasn't there for his history and she just may be one of the first ones to give him a chance.

The Holiday Harbor series is a clean romance, what many would consider inspirational.  The other two books in the series have Christian overtone, but this book was very much a Christian romance.  Perhaps it's because the pastor's family is a main role in the story.  God was a much larger presence in this book than in the others, and my personal preference is for him to a bit more discreet in these type of books.

I did love seeing Julia Stanton's history of how she ended up in Holiday Harbor.  She is such a sweet and intelligent person, it's hard to imagine anyone not loving her from the second they met.  Nich was just enough bad boy without being a really "bad boy" to set her personality off just right.

The think I like most about this series is how the story concentrates so much on their relationship.  As clean romances we don't get more than a few chaste kisses and some hand holding, so there is a lot going on emotionally.  And it's not only between our two main characters, you can see it in everyone around them as well - slight changes in behavior and attitude as the story progresses.  It's my favorite thing about this series - watching the entire town grow and change.

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