Sunday, July 12, 2015

Grand Master's Game by Aurora Springer - Cover Reveal and Excerpt

Title: Grand Master's Game (Grand Master's Trilogy #2)
Author: Aurora Springer
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Release Date: July 14, 2015

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Spin across the galaxy as Violet and her Grand Master hunt their enemies.

Cracks in the portal web threaten galactic civilization, and suspicions fall on the mysterious Grand Masters with their immense psychic powers. Once, there were twelve Grand Masters, humans and aliens, on the Council. Now there are eleven. One was killed when the young pawn, Violet, rescued her Grand Master, Athanor, from the Red Queen’s dungeon. The Red Queen fled the fight and now she lurks out of sight, regenerating her energies. 

Athanor devises a risky plan to expose his enemies on the Council and force the Red Queen into the open. His strategy will employ Violet’s empathic skills as his secret weapon. Meanwhile, she wrestles with her erratic talents and doubts about their unequal partnership. In their search for revenge, they contend with the portal crisis, psychic traps and hostile aliens. In the inevitable battle of Grand Masters, Violet and Athanor each will face their worst nightmares. What is the sacrifice for victory?

Excerpt from Grand Master's Game:
Violet gazed at Athanor’s grim features, and asked, “Why are you worried about the danger?”

Lowering his gaze, he sighed. “I felt my death was near when I was chained in Morrigu’s prison with my powers damped to nothing. She wanted to torture me before she killed me.”

“Oh Athanor, we rescued you in time!” Violet hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry I doubted your intentions.”

“There is something you can do for me if you are willing to face the peril. Your youth makes me reluctant to ask.”

“I’m twenty two, legally an adult!” she cried indignantly. “What can I do?”

He took a deep breath and his brows joined in a dark frown. “Tingu told me to protect you. Yet, nowhere is truly safe. Even if I established you on some remote planet, you would be defenseless if they found you.”

“I could retreat to the dragon lords on Sythos,” she suggested. The planet of Sythos was the safest place she could imagine.

“Sythos is not safe!” he grunted in contradiction. “The dragons love to fight. You would be safe merely as long as your friend, Ythris, retains his status and his eyrie.”

“Well, I’d prefer to fight at your side and defy the danger.” She pressed her knuckles against the side of his harsh face.

He covered her small hand with his large one, and kissed her fingers, trickling psi energy. “Yes, I know your mettle. I plan to employ your acute senses in my campaign, and I promise to protect you with my life.”

“Of course I’ll help! My goals are the same as yours. I want a safe and peaceful galaxy.” Thrilled by their closeness, her face brimmed with mischief and she said, “Shall we see if the bed will break?”

His psi power zinged around them, he clasped her tightly and growled, “An irresistible offer, my delectable pawn.” He breathed in her ear, “Where is your landlady? I don’t wish to cause harm by exposing her to my full power.”

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