Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tour of the Universe - Hyborean Recreation by K.M. Fawcett

Welcome to the beautiful planet Hyborea! (Pronounced hi-BORE-e-uh)

Discover the Hyborean's favorite recreational pastime, the Survival Race - an exciting blood sport in which the last competitor alive wins! Over the centuries, Hyboreans have captured many alien creatures to compete in their survival races. However, none have proved as exciting to watch as those clever beings from the planet Earth called humans.

Place your bets on which human gladiator has the strength, endurance, survival skills, and fighting mastery to battle against arctic elements, ferocious creatures, grueling obstacles, and savage competitors.  

Who will be the first to reach each checkpoint? Who will be the first to die? Who will be the last human standing? Which fallen warriors will be reawakened to fight again?

If you're looking to pair your human broodmare with an alpha gladiator stud, be sure to visit the world-famous Human Breeding and Research Center (HuBReC) located in Handakar City and owned by Hyborea's wealthiest race master. There you'll find scientists have created an amazing drug which speeds the human gestation period. A broodmare can deliver a full-term baby warrior in just nine weeks! Safety is top priority at HuBReC. The center boasts no pet humans have escaped this high-security Earth-like habitat. Dismiss anything you've heard to the contrary as rumors.

For more information on the Survival Race, alpha gladiators, and their fiery mates check out these books…

CAPTIVE (The Survival Race #1)
Abducted from earth, officer Addy Dawson is caged with Max, a naked alpha gladiator who claims to be her stud. This mating pair will breed the finest warriors for the Survival Races, a deadly blood sport where the last man alive wins. To rebel against their alien captors means torture, or worse, yet Max and Addy will risk everything for freedom and will soon discover that when they’re together, nothing in the universe can stop them.

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FEARLESS (The Survival Race #2)
Escaped gladiator Kedric wants revenge on the Hyborean rulers who bred him for blood sport and genetic experiments. Nothing will stop him from conscripting warriors into his army. But when Myia, a spiritual healer with a body made for sin, infiltrates his soul, Kedric must choose between attacking his brutal enemy or surrendering his heart to Myia's love.
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K.M. Fawcett is an SFR Galaxy Award recipient for Captive book 1 in her thrilling sci-fi romance series, The Survival Race. She enjoys stories filled with adventure and strong, kick-butt heroes and heroines. Ranked 4th degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate and 3rd degree in Ryukonkai (Okinawan weapons), K.M. and her husband own a karate dojo in NJ. When not writing sci-fi & paranormal romances or working out at the dojo, K.M. is driving her children to drum lessons and ballet classes. Please visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and at to be the first to hear about her new books or to find out if she accidentally drops off her ballerina at drum lessons.

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