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Tour of the Universe - Tour of Cafrimal by Evanne Lorraine

The gold spires dominating the skyline, and even the giant globe covering the sinplex, disappeared as they debarked from the skimmer and joined the masses. Belz allowed himself to be swept along by the wild rush of excitement. Everyone around them seemed to be in hurry as the reality of freedom finally hit.

Too stunned to do much, he followed the robes. During their march through one of Cafrimal’s busy transfer points, a heady blend of duranium, stardust—the current hot energy popper and mood-mellowing Twilight smoke filled his nostrils, softening the acrid scent from too many bodies in a small area. He shoved the minor irritation of crowding aside.

Cafrimal, the exclusive orbiting city, was the playground for the rich and a giant step up from prison.

An automated causeway carried them effortlessly forward. With nothing to do, he was soon on edge. He calmed himself by checking out the scenery.

Just watching traffic held plenty of entertainment. His urge to rebel against even weak authority simmered back to manageable. Kiosks clustered around every access point. Delicious aromas from fresh roasted piglet, and the tang of maya sauce, reminded him how long it since he’d eaten anything except for institutional nutri-paste.

He was strong and fast enough in human form, but if he tried to shift, like as not, he’d sputter out. Transitioning to scales burned serious calories.

He stared openly at powerful, bronzed Enyo warriors mingling with equally large, golden-skinned Baldoreans and the smaller humanoids from a dozen different star systems. Nothing more aggressive than hard stares ruffled the station’s calm.

The shops and restaurants became larger, more discreet, and further beyond his pay grade as they moved closer to the core of the space station.

Harsh clicks and buzzes signaled Krinegi ahead in time to avert his face and avoid offending the touchy, long-antennaed males, who literally saw from the back of their heads. Both genders of the insectoids came well-armed with fierce tempers, strong bodies, and lethal poisoned probes.

He gaped at a rare blue-robed Earth woman gliding past. Her guards ushered her smoothly aboard a moving causeway.

An elite cyborg squad pulled even with them on the left.

He craned, curious who rated the higher speed beltway. Might be Cafrimal’s high lord himself, Suluth the Splendid.

The faster cluster wore the same silver body armor, helmets, and insignia as their escorts. No doubt a royal stood at the center of the mechs, King Mathai or a relative.

Belz’s sensitive nose caught a whiff of something sweet and seductive. The cyborgs blocking his view shifted, revealing a round little dumpling female swathed from head to toe in a drab brown cloak.

More than curious, he gawked at the mysterious servant, who merited a full complement of the king’s own guards. She shoved against the mech crowding her. The guard behind her jerked away then stiffened in clear offense.

The corners of his mouth twitched in amusement. She had to wield a mean elbow to make one of the armored cyborgs back off.


The above was taken from Slave Market, Book two in the Demons and Dragons series, free for kindle unlimited subscribers and only $2.99 to buy

About the Author:
Evanne started writing for publication sometime in 2003(she's not very conscientious about dates).After a few years of fevered creation and summary rejection, Dangerous Surrender was released by New Concepts Publishing in 2007. Since then she's become a sporadic best seller, written a few more books, and moved to

When not writing dangerously sexy stories, she gardens, reads good books, watches movies, and occasionally cleans.

Hearing from readers is one of the few things she enjoys more than writing and oxford commas! Drop her a note anytime at:

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