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Tour of the Universe - Travel Guide to the Troyk Universe by Evelyn Lederman

Travel Guide to the Troyk Universe
By Alexandra Mann, heroine of ‘The Chameleon Soul Mate’
Evelyn Lederman, Author

My first glimpse of the Troyk Universe came when I was caught in a multiple dimensional portal, which pulled me from Earth. You can imagine my surprise when I was catapulted into a parallel world. Ironically, my late revolutionary parents were from this universe of telepathic beings. I am not an expert on String Theory, but Earth is just one world in infinite dimensions. You do not have to worry about having to learn a foreign language. As worlds divide, aspects of the old are translated to the next. That is the reason why people in this universe speak English.

What struck me first about the Troyk universe was the violet sky. Only plants and trees with purple flowers can be planted in Astor Province, the capitol city. The pollen generated from the vegetation discolors the lower atmosphere. Well, to be truthful, the first sight that registered in my terrorized mind was seeing my soul mate, Tarsea Childers. For the sake of time, you can read ‘The Chameleon Soul Mate’, which chronicles my adventures in this parallel dimension. Today, we will concentrate on touring you through my new home.

The first stop anyone makes when visiting Aster Province is The Palace. This marble architectural masterpiece is where government is housed and is our Prime Ruler’s residence. Crystals are embedded in the marble, which sparkles on beautiful sunny days. The mauve colored building fits beautifully into its surroundings. Ordinarily I would take you inside to look at the magnificent artwork contained in The Palace, but our time is short.

You probably noticed we do not have cars in the Troyk universe. Everyone within the city walks, while eco-friendly trams connect outlying cities. You have to admit, there is little stress walking the streets in our lovely city. Many people you pass appear to be silent, when in fact they are involved in many conversations through multiple communal channels. That aspect of this world does take a little getting used to.

We have arrived at the gathering place, closest to where I live with Tarsea and his parents. This beautiful park has a half dozen different walking paths you can take advantage of. A variety of different bars and restaurant flank the greenery of this particular location. Parents can sit and enjoy a glass of wine, while watching their children play. The higher end establishments have second seating dinners, offering women the opportunity to dress quite shockingly. Troyk eveningwear is revealing and my soul mate does not like me leaving the house so scantily dressed. Tarsea’s outrageous behavior will be discussed on another occasion. Back to the subject at hand, restaurants have dishes you are accustomed to, as well as unique to the Troyk universe. I would recommend you try keen, a purple grain grown locally.

Another popular tourist attraction you cannot miss is the Astor Province zoo. Animals from a number of parallel dimensions are part of the zoo’s exhibits. I went on an ill-fated date there to see the Giant Larma Beast from Terra Flora. That animal could cause nightmares, but it was my psycho date who really disturbed my waking and sleeping hours.

As we walk to the zoo, we will pass my favorite clothing boutique. Normal Troyk fashion consists of a tunic and leggings. You should make a quick stop there on the way back to the portal, if you would like to bring some of our fashionable clothing home with you. The clothes are very comfortable and for you ladies, our outfits are quite slimming on.

On the surface, the Troyk Universe appears to be a wonderful vacation destination. However, I want to warn you our government is run by mind control telepathic individuals. You may fall victim to someone who has this power and not even know it. When you make a decision, at the direction of a mind control telepath, your mind believes the decision was a result of your brain’s activities. Do not fear, if there is a stimulus to make you reconsider the decision you made, your mind may end up correcting whatever you first decided to do. There are ways around the mind control telepath’s power I will share with you, if you decide to extend your stay.

Although you will be safe here, there are people working to overthrow this government. Only one violent event has occurred since I arrived here and the assassination attempt was contained within our Prime Ruler’s living quarters. My cousin runs Troyk intelligence and I had a hand at catching the mastermind behind the attempt. Crime is virtually non-existent in this world. Any criminal found guilty of a crime is sentenced to the off-world penal colony. Once someone enters that world, they do not return. I am forbidden to share with you what is done to those who commit a capital crime.
We have advanced medicine in the Troyk universe. Med-techs have the ability to heal a wound from the inside out. Unless the victim bleeds out, any wound can be healed within minutes. I witnessed firsthand the amazing technology.

I have to go now, someone else will finish your tour. Make sure to contact your travel agent if you decide to return to this dimension. They will hook you up with a crystal telepath who will navigate the portal and return you to my new home.

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