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Tour of the Universe - Welcome to Zerris by Rinelle Grey

Welcome to Zerris, a planet on the far reaches of the explored galaxy, at least two weeks travel from the central planets.

No one comes here now. As a tourist destination, it has little to recommend it. The snowy winters may be pretty, but anyone would get sick of snow after six months.

The people here are far more interested in survival than in skiing.

And on this cold, barren rock, survival is hard. After several years of careless mining, pollution devastated the fertility of human and animal alike. Most native animals became extinct within a few generations. It’s a wonder that the humans and their few domesticated animals survive at all.

If you’re wondering why anyone would live here, it’s because they have no choice. They’re stranded, with no way to return home. Twenty years ago this planet was one of the first places the valuable anysogen gas, used to create faster than light travel, was discovered. A research centre was established on the nearby planet of Semala, and the two operated in unison.

Until Semala, was hit by an asteroid and destroyed.

The entire area was evacuated just in time. Or all the valuable research personnel anyway. With that many asteroids in the atmosphere, it was inevitable that Zerris would be hit by one too. And if it was, the fuel still below the surface would have exploded with catastrophic consequences for the entire star system.

It was, indeed, a huge tragedy. But the information gained in this system was invaluable for the society as a whole. Without the knowledge these brave scientists escaped to bring home, no one would have access to faster than light travel and all the benefits it brings.

But given its historical significance, why was it removed from all the star maps, even the historical ones? And why is mentioning its existence forbidden?


Barren Planet Romance Series includes:
Reckless Rescue (free on Amazon, ibooks and Nook)

Stranded on the dying planet of Zerris, Marlee longs for the one thing she can’t have…a family. Due to the noxious gas covering the planet, she can’t conceive a child, and the Council, determined to repopulate the planet, have ended her third—and most precious—relationship. They insist she pick a new mate and try again, but she’s sworn off love and the possibility of ever having a real family.

When a ship from the thriving planet of Urslat crashes on Zerris, Marlee rescues the ship’s daring captain, Tyris. His ship is grounded, winter is setting in, and he won’t survive without help. She offers him a deal…he can live with her if he pretends to be her mate so the Council will leave her alone.

Tyris agrees and a hungry desire sparks between them as they battle the harsh winter and primitive conditions. Their attraction grows, and soon, keeping their distance becomes impossible, even more challenging than the snow, the Council, and, for Marlee, the risks of a real relationship.

Will she risk her heart one last time for a chance at her dream? Or will Tyris be her undoing?

Reckless Remedy (coming late 2015)

Author Bio:
Rinelle Grey loves fairy tales of all kinds, the older style ones she enjoyed as a child, up to the new modern Disney takes with independent heroines, such as Tangled and Frozen. She enjoys a story that she can trust will end perfectly, regardless of the twists along the way.

She believes in fairy tales in real life too, and has been happily married for twelve years, falling more in love with her husband with every passing year. They share their life full of adventures with their homeschooled daughter. Yes, true love takes work, but it’s worth every bit of it. She is optimistic, and believes that everything will work out, just like in the fairy tales.
So it’s no surprise that these are the sorts of stories she likes to write. Feel good romances, with a touch of magic. Her hero’s and heroine’s aren’t perfect, they’re real people with real problems, and they need to figure out how to work together to solve them. No one sits around waiting to be rescued in her books.

If you read a Rinelle Grey story, you can trust in that happy ending. Love will find a way, even if it seems impossible.

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