Monday, August 1, 2016

Kynan by Desirae Grove ~ Review

Title: Kynan (The Regiville Tales #2)

Author: Desirae Grove
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 354 pages
Publisher: Indie
Release Date: February 16, 2016
Source: Self-Purchased
Rating: 3
Heat Rating: 3
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Elysa Jordan is a feisty and adventurous college student. She’s curvy and never shy about it, and no man has ever been able to resist her charms. Except for one: Kynan Gattesky. He insists they can't be together, yet he seems crazy about her.

Their on and off romance has been driving her nuts, and even Elysa is no longer sure if Kye is the right man for her. She sets out to seduce him one last time, but what happens on that fateful night unravels a whole sequence of events entirely out of her control...and puts her life in grave danger.

Kynan Gattesky has never thought he would fall for a human woman. His family has warned him - werepanthers and other creatures do not mix well. But Elysa is not someone he can get out of his mind easily. Every time he's around her, his common sense flies out the window. And when her life is jeopardized by a series of unfortunate poor decisions, he must rescue her, at all costs.

Will Kye and Elysa manage to get away from the dangers of Regiville paranormal world? And will their growing love survive it all?
This isn't quite as stand-alone as it sounds. There is a good chunk of plot from book one that you would find very helpful to read first, since a character makes a surprising reappearance that just won't have the same impact if you hadn't read the first book. In fact, in might just confuse you a little since some information isn't carried over into book two.

That being said, it was a pretty good story. The strain between Elysa and Kynan begins in book one, and it's only grown in the time before bofore book two. Elysa is all ready for a deep and meaningful relationship with the panther-shifter, but he's set against it - even though he really wants to. She's not a panther, and that's all that matters in his mind, but not his heart. Instead of seeming overdone, it comes off as a true conflict. He's terrified of hurting her physically and thinks he's just protecting her.

But when two wishes go terribly wrong, they find themselves rushing to find a way to reverse them and avoid their deadly consequences. So far, so good. I loved this concept that has a basis in genie lore and it was a great way to throw the two of them together in a quest to save the day.

But, there's a wizard in the background that I just didn't seem to like. His part of the story seemed to be only to cause more problems than they couple already had (and they had plenty). It drew the story out in a way that seemed to distract from the task and romance at hand. I'm still loving the series though. The world Grove has built for her characters is rich and lively with room for plenty of interesting things to happen.

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