Friday, January 6, 2017

Bearly Smitten by Misha Carver ~ Review

Title: Bearly Smitten (The Alpha’s Bride #1)

Author: Misha Carver
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Publisher: Indie
Release Date: November 17, 2016
Source: Purchased
Rating: 3
Heat Rating: 3
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Surrendering my lips to his was akin to selling my soul to the devil...

When bear shifter Jed Barton’s keynote speaker engagement and his role as pack alpha require him to have a wife, he does what any other tycoon would do – he hires one – the last thing he wanted to do was fall in love with her.


Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t? Jed, my boss, is hot. I mean, smoking hot. But it gets worse. He’s also a womanizing jerk and a bit of a tyrant. He’d devour me if I let him. I know I should turn around and walk away, but I can’t. The heart wants what the heart wants, and it will do or endure anything to get it.


There are rules in business. Never hire a beautiful woman and never fall in love with her. Rule number one comes back to bite me in the ass every single time. You’d think a grizzly shifter of my stature could find a suitable mate without picking off his employees one by one.

Will Carrie meet Jed’s expectations to fill the role of a lifetime or will he have to pass on one of his engagements? Fur flies, stocks rise, and passion ignites in this paranormal shapeshifter romance.
A really fun office style romance. Carrie needs this job desperately, and Jed is determined to hire her even though he knows he won't be able to keep his hands off. I think what really made this memorable was the office drama. The receptionist was a riot and really had it in for Carrie - it was very well done and just added an element to help give this novella a little more depth.

Jed and Carrie are very sweet together, but Jed is denying his family legacy. When he's called home unexpectedly, he convinces Carrie to come with and pretend to be his girlfriend. I loved the reactions of the family and I really loved the book.

Why three stars?? I didn't get an ending. This is more of a serial style romance that a complete HEA of HFN ending and I wasn't expecting that at all! It really soured it for me because I was looking forward to that great ending moment and I didn't get it.

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