Friday, January 27, 2017

The Blood Rose by A.J. Storm ~ Cover Reveal

COMING Thursday, February 9th, 2017
The Blood Rose 


At least, that’s what Kathryn Baptiste tells herself when she wakes in a strange hotel room after a terrifying night filled with bloody dreams of huge creatures. With no memory of where she is or how she got there, she contacts the front desk and immediately learns she’s no longer in the United States.

Details of her life, her past, and her present are blank pages in her mind. She reaches out to the concierge for help, but he can only offer her name, and the fact she was brought in by a uniformed older gentleman. The man paid for her room and left a sealed envelope in the concierge’s care to deliver when she woke. 

The letter is a list of orders instructing her to travel to the Morvan in France. Desperate to discover who she is, she chooses to accept the orders despite sensing it could be dangerous.

Damian is the prosperous owner of a winery and vineyard located deep in the isolated Morvan mountains of France. Extremely handsome, suave, and flirtatious, he hides several dark secrets from the world. He discovers Kathryn in his bar one evening and decides to risk everything to keep her in his life. When she rebuffs him, the games begin.

Do her nightmares hint about her life? Why is she dangerously attracted to Damian and will she allow him to come to her rescue? Will his secrets scare her away or will love draw them together?

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