Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Romance review of Happily Ever After, Again by D.F. Jones

Title: Happily Ever After, Again
Author: D.F. Jones 
Source: Author Request
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Length: Novel
Rating: 4
Sexual rating: 2
Reviewed by Laurie 

Happily Ever After, Again is electrifying, heart-pounding romance suspense melding sensuality, danger, and intrigue in this fast-paced page-turner.

Who killed Bratten Drake?

Bratten’s murder leaves Lauren grief-stricken while questioning the motives of his partner, his assistant, and his best friend.

Against Ever-After protocol, Bratten’s ghost mysteriously appears to help Lauren solve the murder, but places her in danger.

Will Lauren live Happily Ever After, Again?

If you like mystery, paranormal and romance this book is for you.

As a mystery lover, I was totally surprised as I kept turning the pages to try to find out who done it.

Lauren and Alex's romance is very different, you see, Lauren just lost her husband in death and Alex was her husband’s best friend. These two quickly find romantic connections with each other as they are forced together to find out who killed Bratten’s. Oh, and Bratten also comes to help them, hint, the paranormal elements in the story. The romance between these two starts rather quickly, but I have to say it’s done tastefully considering the turn of events that happens rather fast. 

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